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Capacity LLC Case Study #5: Glo Science

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Our case studies present a supply chain challenge and serve up a solution, as crafted by Capacity's team of fulfillment experts.

This entry examines Glo Science, whose business involves more advanced items in the field of medical services and cosmetic treatment.

Challenge:  Glo Science Medical Devices

Capacity LLC has long worked on order fulfillment for pharmaceutical companies. As an FDA holding site and certified contract packager, we are well placed to meet the standards and challenges of this complex industry.

Things got more complicated, however, when one of our existing clients, Glo Science, moved into the business of medical devices and their needs changed overnight.

The logistics, warehousing, and inventory fulfillment requirements of moving medical devices demanded a new approach and flexible attitude.

The company required a fulfillment partner with the ability to quickly add new capabilities, including meeting new government regulatory packing requirements, adding a repackaging element to this supply chain challenge.


Capacity LLC swung into action immediately, working with regulatory consultants to add the capabilities needed to support Glo Science’s e-commerce and major EDI shipping integration needs through new channels, including the Home Shopping Network and Sephora.

Glo Science’s new initiative required an extensive expansion of our assembly efforts and implementation of all the required compliance procedures. Somewhat inevitably, there was a tight deadline but the Capacity team came together to keep these items moving to the targeted levels.

We made it happen and everything was executed in accordance with Glo Science’s rigorous timeline for a successful launch.