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  • Own Your Inventory

    Track every product, across every channel – from warehouse to doorstep – with CLIQ

Powerful Data, Actionable Insights

Powered by ChannelApe, our inventory order management system, CLIQ, ties your entire operation together to fuel smarter decision-making in real-time.

Everything You Need to Deliver at Scale

Your Ecommerce Mission Control

CLIQ shows you your entire ecommerce operation.

Connect your ERP. Sync data from multiple distribution channels. Implement EDI and wholesale.

Drill Down into Your Data

Use CLIQ to zoom in on all fulfillment activity.  

  • Monitor orders across all channels. 
  • Access SKU-level detail. 
  • Track carrier activities and shipment statuses. 
  • View pending and completed returns. Manage holds and order edits. 
  • Create rules to automate recurring actions.

Next Level Inventory Management

Make good on your brand promise.

  • Monitor incoming goods based on SKU Lot tracking. 
  • Reserve, manage and distribute inventory. 
  • Handle returns QA and refurbishment. 
  • Integrate with Toolio or Singuli for precision forecasting.

Plan Like a Pro

Grow and scale with certainty. 

  • Update rules for future sales and promotions. 
  • Pre-sell inventory to avoid out of stocks. 
  • Make data-driven decisions.

Built for Your Business

Customize CLIQ to meet your brand’s specific needs. 

  • Set up dynamic kitting to sell bundled SKUs. 
  • Configure rules to support marketing and packaging initiatives. 
  • Create evolving subscription boxes.

CLIQ is Built for the Enterprise

Military-grade AES-256 encryption protects sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) during transmission and in storage.

Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality controls access and simplifies team member on- and off-boarding. 

Standard Data Processing Agreement adheres to key data privacy and compliance regulations including GDPR and CCPA.

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