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Our years of fulfillment experience prepares us for whatever our clients throw us

Capacity’s evolution over the past two decades has seen the growth of ecommerce from an exciting idea to one-tenth of all retail sales and rising. We’ve seen enormous changes and adapted throughout. Our commitment to learning and continuous improvement, combined with a deep passion for order fulfillment, keeps us on the leading edge of our industry.

From establishing a fulfillment solution that meets technical requirements and retailer compliance, to value-added applications that ensure product is perfectly packaged as it heads out of our doors, we pride ourselves on being a strong and scalable platform for all the fulfillment needs of fast-growing brands.

It doesn't stop there, we're just getting started. With warehouses in North Brunswick, New Jersey and Los Angeles, California, and a joint venture near London, Capacity offers a bicoastal and even global fulfillment solutions that keep your orders moving when others can go no further. Our locations provide reduced transit times, increased reliability, and the flexibility needed to meet the complex challenges of unique supply chains. Product arriving late from overseas? Wrong side of the country? Not a problem, Capacity is here.

It's this combination of extensive services, authoritative experience and passionate execution that makes Capacity a trusted leader in fulfillment services.

Our Core Fulfillment Services

Order Fulfillment

Like the shipping partners we work with, our order fulfillment services cover a lot of ground. From warehousing and product storage to pick and pack services, preparing shipments for delivery to retailers and consumers, and established systems to ship and track all of those orders there are many moving parts to consider.

When all of this becomes too much to handle in-house, or if your current provider is tapped out, Capacity is the place to turn. We offer comprehensive services that cover every aspect of order fulfillment and the integrated technology that drives it. When clients need a fiercely committed partner for every aspect of order fulfillment, they can have just that with Capacity in their corner.

Shipping and Transportation

Getting goods from anywhere to anywhere else takes more than just a map and an address. Shipping and transporting goods quickly means being in the right place and developing the right tools and relationships. That’s why we provide a bicoastal fulfillment solution and use our extensive experience, industry knowledge, and trusted partnerships to keep your orders moving.

Our strategic partnerships with key carriers allow Capacity to offer solutions that our clients find reliable and cost effective. Wherever they need to go, our clients benefit from the best of both worlds with our shipping and transportation services.

High-touch capabilities

Exceeding customer expectations is what sets our clients apart from their competition, and we work hard to match the same high standards. Our facilities are usually the last stop for our client’s products before they arrive in their customers' hands.We take that responsibility very seriously.

Our obsession with accuracy is the main reason why we offer such a wide range of services to maximize control over the supply chain. We have been cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Processes) certified by Johnson & Johnson, and have completed the rigorous SSAE-16 (Type II) certification process.

Our Comprehensive Services

We apply our experience and engineering-based approach to a wide range of fulfillment services. When clients need a fiercely committed, highly capable fulfillment partner, we are that partner.

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