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Value Added Services

A fulfillment provider should add value to your brand. But what about the services that actually modify and enhance your product? That’s what turns a standard service provider into a key brand partner. This is why we take such pride in our customization, presentation, and packaging, delivered via an expansive range of value-added services.

Capacity helped us balance ship methods, costs, and value when optimizing our ship method selection to our customers. As our first 3PL they have been with us every step of the way as we expand our brand while staying close to our customers.

Tony Prado, Co-Founder

Rizos Curls

Services to Elevate Customer Value and Satisfaction

Value-Added Services - Skincare product packaging


We take kitting to the next level. Not every job is as easy as putting product into a box. Some require that deep experience and deft hand of a fulfillment partner that understands your business. This is another way we help add value to your brand.

Value-Added Services - Gift Box Set Assembly Services

Gift set assembly

Many of the orders we ship are gifts. Consumers expect online gifts to be the perfect surprise for friends and family. We know that the outside of the box needs to reflect what’s inside. When you need something unique, Capacity can create beautiful gift sets that deliver a premium unboxing experience for your customers.

Value Added Services - Product Cello wrapping


The anticipation of receiving (and the delight of unboxing) a pristine package is the unspoken gift your brand promises to everyone who orders online. We’re the last ones to touch that package before it heads out for delivery and it is our responsibility that it be perfect. With Capacity in your corner, you can trust that every order will be packed to excite and delight your customers.

  • Retailer repack
  • Quantity repack
  • Variety/combo pack
  • Gift wrap
Value Added Services - Product Labeling Service


Tracking and monitoring inventory through barcoding is Capacity’s way of always knowing where your products are. And in turn, our clients can simply track items via our client portal. But labeling doesn’t stop there.

  • UPC labeling
  • Retailer-specific labeling
  • Tamper-evident seal labeling
  • Government/FDA labeling
  • Product/brand re-labeling

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