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90% of Growth Comes from Online Sales

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With Capacity, CPG brands gain access to deep eCommerce fulfillment knowledge, networks and capabilities that can unlock and scale new revenue channels all while ensuring brand integrity and customer satisfaction.

Brands We Serve

  • “Taking a moment to extend appreciation and a note of thanks to the Capacity family on the flawless execution of fulfilling presale launch orders.”
    Laura Hanlon, Senior Director of Operations

Unlock Your Full Ecommerce and Retail Potential

The benefits of tapping Capacity for your fulfillment needs are game-changing.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Management

With the right technology and the right people, we ensure that your products move efficiently through the supply chain and that inventory management is on point, 24/7.

Strategic Cost Efficiency

We create value through intelligent logistics solutions that optimize budgets and contribute to your bottom line – all without compromising quality.

Consistent Quality, Reliable Compliance

Adhering to all regulatory and corporate standards, we maintain the integrity of your products with rigorous quality controls and compliance standards across our global network of facilities.

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