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Capacity LLC Case Study #6: Corporate Collateral with ADP

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When Capacity LLC first met our clients at ADP, the world’s largest provider of payroll services, they were not happy.

The company was then using several warehousing and manufacturing facilities to ship and store all of its products.

This included a wide variety of items, from time clocks and hand scanners to ID badges and software. Some of the logistics providers were also processing returns and handling collateral materials.


In addition to the inefficiencies inherent in the process desribed above, the ADP inventory fulfillment system was also being handled manually. Errors abounded.

When you consider that capturing a unique serial number on each time clock for both outbound shipping and returns management is one of ADP’s critical requirements, and that it was being processed by hand, there was a great deal of room for improvement.

This is where our team entered the equation for ADP's inventory challenge.


Capacity was well-positioned to solve ADP’s logistics dilemma. Through our work with pharmaceutical companies, we had already developed the capability to electronically capture lot, batch, and serial numbers throughout the supply chain for selected Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) by scanning serial numbers. Daily reports of shipments and returns include this information, critical to the proper tracking of any and all products. This works well for shipments as well as for returns.

By consolidating all shipments and returns within a single warehouse, Capacity LLC helped ADP to achieve a robust, integrated, and highly accurate solution for serial number asset tracking.

ADP’s two initial divisions, Majors and SBS (Small Business Services), enjoyed such great success with our solution that they migrated the National’s Division over to Capacity LLC, consolidating all of its third-party fulfillment activities under one roof.