Careers at Capacity

Why choose us?

We Value Achievements

We are looking for people to join our team – people who value achievements more than job titles. People who would rather chat on Zoom with their CEO than schedule performance reviews. People who celebrate small wins along the path to major accomplishments.

Capacity LLC is headquartered in North Brunswick, NJ.

eCommerce is growing

With its exponential growth, eCommerce is becoming the future of how goods are sold, with the fulfillment industry a thrilling by-product of this growth.

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Capacity is committed to make diversity and Fairness a part of everything we do.

Our technology is front and center

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We love our people,
we are our people

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Moving Mountains

We don’t just think. We move mountains (sometimes) one ecommerce package at a time. We deliver. Happiness. In a box.
In a career.

Capacity LLC is part of the Mitsui family

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