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5 Supply Chain Funnies for Friday

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We'll have another deep read for you next week, but for now put your feet up and enjoy your lunch over these five supply chain funnies.

(We hear you questioning, "supply chains can be fun?" Of course they can! Haven't you ever dropped anything off your roof?)

Five Examples of Supply Chain Funnies

1. Transportation

Sometimes you're going to need more horsepower...

donkey up in air - supply chain funnies
Photo Credit: Scientopia

2. Suppliers

As a supplier, do you often feel like no-one ever remembers you're around? Try missing a couple of delivery dates. (Just for the record, we do the opposite!)

3. Planners

In a planning meeting,  an analyst asks his Demand Manager, “Which do you like best, my detailed forecasts or my improved inventory projections?”

The manager looks over his Excel spreadsheets at length, before finally replying, “I like your sense of humor.”


4. Ordering

Contrary to popular belief, the best way to locate missing inventory is NOT to place a new Purchase Order!

5. Loading

No matter how efficient your loading, sometimes it's worth making a second trip...

overloaded vehicle
Photo Credit: B. Medi

Have a great weekend, we'll see you next week!