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Capacity LLC Case Study #4: Origin BioMed

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When Capacity LLC first met Origin BioMed, it was a young manufacturer of an Over-the-Counter (OTC) neuropathic topical treatment.

Origin had met with success in Canada, its home market, and was looking toward the US to expand into the lucrative American OTC pharmaceutical market.


The company was looking for a distribution partner to help with direct-to-consumer shipments and a planned expansion into the US retail market. Its products required lot code tracking to individual consumers.

An outbound serial number and lot code scanning were required in every case.

In short, Origin BioMed needed help in boosting its distribution in order to reach the next stage of the company's development.


Capacity had worked with other smaller companies, working toward the next stage of their development. We quickly modified our order management system to capture every lot/serial number for Origin.

This process extremely important in managing order fulfillment and inventory control. If a number is not captured, the packing list and shipping label cannot be created and the order cannot settle.

We have now used this technology for many clients over a period of many years. At the time, we were the only provider ready, willing and able to accommodate Origin BioMed’s needs.