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Lists and Logistics: Our Most Popular Articles of 2014

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2014 calendar january 1st
What posts were hot in 2014? - Image Credit: Daniel Moyle

As you run down the clock on 2014, we're here to help with a mix of the most popular logistics articles we've posted this year (and a few more that we just plain adore.)

We've run the numbers to see which posts popped with our readers, resulting in these final five entries that topped the list with the highest percentage of views in 2014:

1. 8 Questions to Ask Your 3PL Provider - https://www.capacityllc.com/blog/questions-to-ask-a-logistics-provider - 4.3% of all blog page views

2. 10 Movie Technologies Yet to be Delivered - https://www.capacityllc.com/blog/huvr-10-movie-technologies-awaiting-delivery - 2.7% of all blog page views

3. Kraft Foods Outsourcing Epitomizes a Key Supply Chain Question - https://www.capacityllc.com/blog/kraft-foods-outsourcing-transportation-supply-chain/index.html - 2.4% of all blog page views

4. Unpacking: Assembly - What Does Kitting Mean? - https://www.capacityllc.com/blog/assembly-and-kitting-explained - 1.5% of all blog page views

5. Road Haulage Dominates U.S. Freight - https://www.capacityllc.com/blog/road-haulage-usa -  1.3% of all blog page views

A healthy blend of industry news, facts and fun, we're happy to see.

We Know Logistics

We also hope regular readers enjoyed the "We Know Logistics" series, which shines the spotlight on the faces inside Capacity LLC that do so much to deliver passion and excellence to our clients. These are primarily video interviews to give you an idea of who we are and how we work:

Part 1 - Value Added Services w/ Emily Siegert - https://www.capacityllc.com/blog/capacity-llc-know-logistics-1/

Part 2 - Assembly w/ Claudia Rodriguez - https://www.capacityllc.com/blog/capacity-llc-video-know-logistics-2/
Part 3 - Warehouse workflow w/ Karim Fofana - https://www.capacityllc.com/blog/video-capacity-llc-know-logistics-3/

Part 4 - Managing operations at Capacity w/ Adam Wise - https://www.capacityllc.com/blog/capacity-llc-video-know-logistics-4/

And finally, this interview with CSO and co-founder Thom Campbell sums up why we do what we do:

The Importance of Passion in Supply Chain Management - https://www.capacityllc.com/blog/supply-chain-management-passion/

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What's Next?

We're always eager to hear what readers want more of and how we can better serve you through this site and our social media channels.

Connect with us on TwitterFacebook, Linkedin or Google+, or email information@capacityllc.com to let us know what you'd like to see in 2015.

You can also tell us in person next week in Las Vegas at the International Consumer Electronics Show... more on that later this week!