The Importance of Passion in Supply Chain Management

June 26, 2014

If you’re not passionate about what you do, the chances are you’re not going to do it nearly as well as your competitors.

That’s the main takeaway from Thom Campbell’s recent interview with The Future of Supply Chains, an excellent industry  analysis site written by Dustin Mattison.

Here’s the video from an insightful eight minute look at his background and what drives his work at Capacity LLC.

What it comes down to, in Thom’s words, is this:

“What really distinguishes a great provider from a good one is that passion for a client’s business and truly caring about what they do.”

Here are some of the main points he raises:

  • Supply chain partners have perhaps more impact on the success of another business than in any other industry. Often you are literally touching every product before it reaches the customer. 
  • Where others choose to compete on price and square footage, Capacity LLC is rooted in the belief that service starts with that dedication to your client. Learning about their products, industry and customers, and aligning your operations to strive for the same business goals.
  • The people and stories behind their success are what inspired Thom to make the move from finance to supply chain management. His 15 year career in the industry is built on great relationships and people, such as George Korres , whom he refers to in the video.
  • If you have a deep interest in supply chain management and care about a specific area already, you’re half way there in terms of a career in the field. Thom sees far more loyalty and dedication in this industry than anywhere else he has worked.


You can read the full transcript of Thom’s interview here.

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