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To be a true fulfillment partner, not just a service provider, it's important to go the extra mile. We pride ourselves on doing what others can't or won't do, rising to any supply chain challenge with our characteristic blend of creativity and industry know-how. Whether it's an unexpected order spike in pharmaceutical fulfillment or a complex EDI integration across multiple retail systems, our team will keep working until we find a solution. Don't take our word for it, just ask our clients and take a look at some of the examples below.


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These case studies are compiled from our real-world activities in industries where we have extensive experience, involving companies with whom we have forged long-lasting relationships. In each case, we were presented with a challenge and developed a unique solution. We hope that the samples provide a sense of how we approach challenges and devise solutions.

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Challenge: Weleda - Skin and haircare

Beauty care company Weleda NA wanted to consolidate its six sprawling warehouses under a single roof. But that one location had to offer full service logistics, multi-channel distribution, pick and pack order fulfillment, fulfill sales brokers’ orders for product and collateral, and ship to distributors like United Natural Food, Inc. (UNFI) and retailers like Target and Whole Foods. Critically, Weleda needed a logistics company that could develop methods for handling short-dated product and First Expired, First Out (FEFO) inventory management, while also repackaging 100% of its product inbound from Europe to ready it for the US market.


Capacity solution

Capacity methodically went to work, replacing each element of Weleda's complex US distribution network, handling everything from point of entry into the country and repackaging items for the US market though to multi-channel shipping. We also developed FEFO inventory management techniques, and separate silos for pick and pack, case pick and short-dated inventory. The resulting solution offered Weleda significant economies of scale and fewer logistics induced headaches. Six locations into one with additional services added? Not a problem.



Challenge: AP Deauville

When men’s care product manufacturer and marketer AP Deauville purchased the license to manufacture the top value deodorant PowerStick the company wanted to keep the manufacturing in-house at its New Brunswick, NJ facility. It also wanted to contain costs by continuing to run its business on a Just-in-Time (JIT) basis. Warehousing, however, proved to be a major obstacle to building and scaling the business. A lack of coordination between manufacturing and distribution and inventory management posed a serious impediment to growth.


Capacity solution

AP Deauville requested third party processing of its EDI orders to retailers, as well as warehousing, assembly, and fulfillment services. As its business needs grew in complexity and size, Capacity rose to the challenge, making capital investments to handle new products and training key members of our team to ensure our client met all IATA-mandated HazMat shipping requirements for their body sprays. As AP Deauville took on additional EDI trading partners, Capacity developed increasingly sophisticated and scalable EDI solutions and product fulfillment capabilities. For a complex returns processing job in California, Capacity West crafted a cost-effective and efficient solution. Over the last decade, AP Deauville has enjoyed exponential growth without ever investing in or modifying additional warehouse space of its own.



Challenge: Korres - Major Beauty Brand

Korres Natural Products had worked with Capacity for almost a decade, growing from a very small niche player into a national brand. Today, its products are known around the world. When Johnson & Johnson acquired the US manufacturing and licensing rights to the brand, the company was in need of a third party warehousing and logistics provider that knew its existing business and could also support the growth it was expecting to drive. J&J also needed a logistics provider that could comply with strict Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and other requirements.


Capacity solution

Capacity quickly adapted to meet J&J's needs. We enhanced our warehousing and fulfillment capabilities to handle more complex assembly work and specific compliance requirements. We created an independent Quality effort to provide checks-and-balances which met their stringent requirements.

As J&J radically ramped up the Korres business and increased shipping to the Home Shopping Network (HSN), we implemented a multi-tiered integration of its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. We increased our number of in-house engineers and other skilled positions to handle this greater complexity. By removing the burden of order fulfillment from J&J, their management was freed up to focus on sales and marketing. Where required, Capacity will meet the challenge of expanding client requirements by expanding our own operational capabilities.



Challenge: Glo science - Glo Science Medical Devices

Capacity has long worked with pharmaceutical companies as an FDA-certified OTC and medical device fulfillment provider and certified contract packager.
The founders of GLO Science were an early Capacity client with the teeth-whitening brand GoSmile. When they launched GLO Science and their teeth-whitening medical devices, their logistical, warehousing and inventory fulfillment needs changed dramatically.
The company required a logistics partner that could quickly add on new capabilities and fulfill the new government regulatory requirements required for repackaging.


Capacity solution

Capacity swung into action immediately, working with regulatory consultants to add the capabilities needed to support GLO Science’s e-commerce and major EDI shipping needs through new channels, including the Home Shopping Network and Sephora. GLO Science’s new initiative required an extensive expansion of our assembly efforts, and implementation of all their required compliance procedures under a tight deadline.

Capacity made it happen! Everything was executed in accordance with GLO Science’s rigorous timeline for a successful launch.



Challenge: ADP

When Capacity first heard from ADP, the world's largest provider of payroll services, they were not happy. The company was using several warehousing and manufacturing facilities to ship and store all of its products, including time clocks, hand scanners, ID badges, and software. Some of their logistics providers were also processing returns and handling collateral materials.
In addition to the inefficiencies inherent in the process, the inventory fulfillment system was also being handled manually, because these manufacturers were not fulfillment experts. Errors abounded. When you consider that capturing a unique serial number on each time clock for both outbound shipping and returns management is one of ADP's critical requirements, and that it was being processed by hand, there was substantial room for improvement.


Capacity solution

Capacity was well positioned to solve ADP’s dilemma. Through our work with pharmaceutical companies, we had already developed the capability to electronically capture lot, batch and serial numbers throughout the supply chain for selected SKUs, by scanning serial numbers. Our daily shipment reports and returns include this critical product tracking information, which is effective for both shipments and returns management.

By consolidating all shipments and returns within a single warehouse, Capacity has helped ADP to achieve a robust, integrated and highly accurate solution for serial number asset tracking. ADP’s two initial divisions (Majors and Small Business Services) enjoyed such great success with our solution that they migrated the National’s Division over to Capacity, consolidating its third party fulfillment activities under one roof.