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Capacity Launches With New Client Glossier

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As the fulfillment partner of choice for some of the world's finest beauty brands, we're always proud to add a prestigious new name to our client base. Our latest launch with fast-growing cosmetics company Glossier is no exception.

Capacity is thrilled to bring fans of this rising brand the best in modern beauty products. Glossier's rapid growth requires very specific fulfillment solutions. The client team here is excited to get to work, having the brand benefit from our bespoke order presentation and the latest pick-to-light/put-to-light fulfillment solutions.

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A Beauty Brand on the Rise

The story of Glossier begins with a blog. Founder Emily Weiss was an avid writer and editor of Into the Gloss, a website that explores what women want from make-up and the products that met her high standards.

She carried this passion into the creation of Glossier late in 2014, dedicated to putting "skin first, make-up second." It's that commitment that has quickly positioned the company among the most acclaimed and sought-after modern beauty brands.

Rather than wax lyrical with words, why don't we let the numbers do the talking? Glossier's achievements to date include:

  • More than $34 million in funding secured as of Q3 2017.
  • 26 distinct products launched in just three years.
  • More than 800,000 fans on Instagram and a similarly impressive following on Snapchat, with attractive social posts that made them one of MTV's 15 Beauty Brands to Follow and secured a spot on Cosmopolitan's shortlist of inspiring Instagram feeds.

Visually stimulating social networks are the heart and soul of any modern beauty brand's customer outreach and Glossier is a sparkling example of this.

With a founder like Emily Weiss, it's little wonder that the brand resonates so well with millennials, especially across the online channels they call home. Weiss has lived and breathed the beauty industry throughout her twenties and made the 2015 Forbes 30 Under 30 list less than a year after founding the business.

After a whirlwind start in New York City and across North America, her plans to take Glossier products around the world came to life in 2017. Not long after founding the business, Weiss documented its intended global expansion in a blog post (where else?). With this latest launch and offices soon to open in London, she takes the next step on what has already been an incredible journey.

Launch Day with Glossier

Away from the glossy magazine features and social profiles, the fulfillment center is where the brand's promise meets real-world delivery. Scaling a beauty brand is no small task, but Emily Weiss is no stranger to rapid expansion and the Capacity team is excited to now be a partner on that journey.  

On launch day, we had Glossier set up and ready to ship from 7am. The first day saw 2,500 orders move swiftly through the customized fulfillment system designed for the brand by Capacity's in-house engineering and IT teams. 

The solution includes:

  • 7 dedicated quality control terminals,
  • 5 dedicated satellite packing stations for kitting, and
  • 7 dedicated shipping terminals.

In the grand scheme of things, this was a light day for Glossier. With daily average volumes that often push past 4,500 orders there will be bigger days to come. Unsurprisingly, the Capacity team relishes the challenge and is prepared for peak season demand. Already we have the beginnings of a beautiful partnership, if you'll pardon the pun. 

Our two companies are a great match,” says Thom Campbell, CSO and co-founder of Capacity. “Both teams understand deep in our DNA the power of a trusted brand with outstanding presentation and customer experience. We will work nonstop to deliver the experience that Glossier fans expect and deserve.”

Our work with beauty brands like Glossier provides new and intriguing fulfillment challenges every day. We are privileged to work with such dynamic businesses and owners, connected by the desire to delight customers at every opportunity.