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Learning from Each Other: A Multigenerational Perspective at Capacity

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At Capacity, we value the connections our employees bring and encourage referrals from both friends and family. We believe this is a great way to discover talented individuals who are a good fit for our team. Of course, it's important to maintain a fair and objective hiring process so, regardless of referral source, all candidates go through the same rigorous interview and evaluation process. This ensures we find the best person for the role, and avoids any potential conflicts of interest. Additionally, to foster a healthy work environment, family members cannot directly supervise or report to each other.

We have several examples at Capacity of how employee referrals of family members contribute to our workplace culture. Today, we're featuring an interview with one of our Managers of Client Service, Grace Chetta, who gets to experience that sense of community in a truly unique way – by working alongside their son.  

Here’s what she had to say:  

Working at the same company as a family member can be rewarding, but also comes with unique challenges. When my son recently joined Capacity after finishing graduate school, it created an interesting dynamic. 

I never expected I'd end up working at the same company as my son, let alone in the same department!  

After almost three years at Capacity, the opportunity to recommend my son for a role arose at the perfect time. I watched and supported Capacity’s growth into a well-respected 3PL in the consumer industry. My son Joe had recently graduated with his master's degree, and finding a job post-pandemic was proving challenging. 

When peak season approached, it dawned on me that a hazmat specialist could be invaluable for client account management team and our clients. So, I pitched the idea to our CXO, Darren Lavelle, he said yes, and the rest is history. Joe knew how happy I was with Capacity and jumped at the chance when presented with the opportunity. 

I was thrilled that he would have the opportunity to work for such an amazing company. But I was also a bit nervous about how my long-time client would react to the change.  

After working closely with them for many years, I wondered if they would be hesitant to start fresh with a new Client Account Manager. Thankfully, the transition could not have gone smoother. They were excited that the account was "staying in the family" and they loved Joe's enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.  

The smooth transition is a testament not only to Joe's capabilities, but also to the culture at Capacity. I'm grateful that Capacity has cultivated an environment where excellence is passed down, and clients can trust that they are in good hands. 

Grace Chetta and her son, Joseph

The key challenge to working together is separating our personal and professional lives. It's brought us closer together to now share this work experience. We try not to discuss work too much outside the office, but it's gratifying to celebrate successes together. It's also funny to have my son call me by my first name around the office.  I'm proud to see him thrive as the account manager on a great client account. Working together allows us to save on our commutes too. 

While we work hard to maintain professional boundaries, I can't help but feel a little extra pride seeing the hard worker my son has become. Working with family has been such an unexpected twist, but a truly positive one. I'm thankful I get to share this journey with my son and watch him grow in his career. It just goes to show, you never know what surprises this job may bring! 

We are more than just a workplace. Capacity strives to foster a supportive environment where colleagues can build careers alongside loved ones too. It's a privilege to witness these family connections grow alongside our business.