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Stories of Experience: Capacity’s Most Tenured Team Members Share What Makes us a Different Kind of 3PL

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As we continue to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we caught up with some of Capacity’s longest tenured employees to capture what makes us different from your everyday 3PL. 

Kristina Crockett, Director of Finance (15 Years)

I started here at Capacity in October of 2008. I was a supervisor in accounts receivable. Back then, we were just one building, C1. We didn’t even call it that because there was no C2! But when I think about the company’s major moments, adding that second building was big. We were going from “OK, we’re a strong, small, little company to this thing is growing in a significant way.” It was a big leap for a company that started with three guys, a plan and a little bit of funding. 

Fourteen years later, we’re at just over 1.2 million square feet spread across four buildings in New Jersey, one in California and one in Indianapolis. But it was that first big step of going from one to two that really stands out in my mind. 

People are sometimes surprised when they find out I’ve been with the same company for 15 years. That’s not all that common these days. But career growth is a big focus at Capacity. We’ve created an environment where people don’t have to leave to grow. We want people to want to be here – and that’s a two-way street. I think, as a company, we do a great job of building a culture of team and individual growth.

Karim Fofana, Chief Operating Officer (18 Years)

I found Capacity on Craigslist. I am not joking. The company was looking for a director of operations. This was around 2005, 2006. So Craigslist was still a place where you could find career opportunities. Maybe it still is? It’s been a while since I’ve looked. 

I started as the director of operations and took on larger roles over time, ultimately taking on COO responsibilities. Like Kristina said, internal growth and promoting from within is a big part of Capacity culture. 

Maybe it’s because I’ve been here for so long, working alongside others who have too, but the sense of camaraderie stands out to me. We each care about the work and our clients, but we also enjoy each other. People talk about culture for a reason. It’s not that we’re better at culture than other 3PLs. Our culture is just different. Everyone values and respects each other, top to bottom. 

Tony Ruiz, Vice President of Logistics (19 Years)

Around 2004, I learned that Capacity had a beauty brand that was looking for wholesale retail expertise. I was at Kenneth Cole helping with the transition from in-house fulfillment to 3PL, focused primarily on wholesale accounts. I also had experience at Nordstrom and UPS relevant to this need. 

Almost 20 years later, I’m still here. 

I think one of the biggest differentiators for us is how deep our collective “old school” thinking is. Every one of us is a logistics person. We know how to find the most efficient and economical ways to handle outbound loads. We understand seasonality and market resilience. We know where technology is scalable and where it isn’t. We know D2C. We know B2B. We know what packaging strategies are going to make a particular retailer happy. We know that knowing the right person, not calling an 800 number, is how you resolve problems. 

And we share that knowledge across teams and individuals. People are always willing to chime in and share what they know about a particular situation. 

Jorge Villegas, Operations Manager (8 Years)

I started my career at Capacity in 2016 as a supervisor and have since expanded my role to Operations Manager. Currently, I serve as the General Manager for two facilities, C1 and C5.

Over the past eight years, I've been instrumental in incorporating new solutions and technologies that have significantly improved our operational efficiency. These include a new Warehouse Management System (WMS), Lightning Pick and Put system, Print and Apply (PandA) system, and a Carton Erector. These systems have become essential for our daily operations, especially during peak periods like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and occasional client promotions.

While every company experiences challenges, what sets us apart is our strong leadership and dedicated teams who genuinely care about the business and the culture we've fostered. We've undoubtedly evolved over the years, making significant progress across all departments, not just Operations. It's a truly supportive environment that encourages growth, forward thinking, and the drive to achieve even greater things. Our entire team is aligned, battle-tested, and prepared for any situation. As our VP of logistics says, "Let's Get It!"

TJ Moriarty, Vice President of Sales (11 Years)

Before I got into the business world, I was calling the offense for the Wagner Seahawks. I actually played quarterback in college at Stony Brook. As I transitioned from coaching, I got into sales with a B2B SaaS company. I built a good relationship with the VP of customer service there. He moved to become the head of service here at Capacity and he encouraged me to take a look. 

There weren’t any immediate sales roles, but there were opportunities in service. That’s where I learned this business front to back. Soon thereafter, a business development role opened up. Nine years later, I’m a VP of Sales. 

Over those nine years, we’ve signed some big accounts that have really helped us scale our own capabilities. Order throughput. Product launches. Peak demand. Sometimes a client helps us as much as we help them. 

At the end of the day, though, it comes down to people. We work extremely well together.

Leadership is accessible and transparent. We have a lot of flexibility. I love watching this team crush it.