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Antica Farmacista Brings Independent Body Care to Barneys New York

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We've already enjoyed July 4th this year, but that same spirit of independence is worth celebrating wherever we find it. That's why we're so proud to share that our client Antica Farmacista is heading to the distinguished displays of Barneys New York! The Seattle-based brand, which produces high-quality bath and body-care products, joins many other major names on the department store's shelves. What distinguishes Antica from most of the others is the unique quality that comes from independent ownership. antica farmacista home ambience collection

An Independent Brand

The foundation of Antica Farmacista's success to date - which includes a presence in more than 900 retail stores and 400 hotels around the country - is, to a large extent, the fact that it remains in the hands of its two co-founders. Shelley Callaghan and Susanne Pruitt started the company back in 2003. Bound by their passion for fragrances that enhance ambiance and capture the essence of a moment, the pair set about creating unique products and quickly found their niche in the luxury market. From there, they cultivated relationships with most of the major names in deluxe retail, from Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom to Saks Fifth Avenue and the latest move into Barneys New York. By customizing fragrances for certain clients and expanding its product range to incorporate items that compliment one another, Antica Farmacista has been able to maintain a personal touch that has become the cornerstone of the brand.  It's an approach that has paid off. As Women's Wear Daily reports this month, Antica is "on track to grow 6 to 8 percent this year" and has at times experiencing "growth rates in the double-digit percentages." The freedom and flexibility to fully craft their vision for the brand helps to separate Antica from the competition and maintain the kind of intricate quality that is the hallmark of the most memorable luxury products. Antica Farmacista Logo

Diversifying With Digital

If you're wondering where digital fits into all of this luxury branding, you won't find many better examples than Antica Farmacista. There's no denying that physical spaces lead the retail strategy for a company whose products rely primarily on the sense of smell. Nonetheless, Pruitt and Callaghan understand that the e-commerce beauty market, worth some $3 billion in the US alone, cannot be ignored. It's for that reason that they took to Amazon's Luxury Beauty marketplace in 2014. This gives customers easy online access to their products while maintaining control of the brand by limiting the platform to direct sales. With a broad range of luxury products that consumers can experience in high-end environments, yet still buy online in select locations, this is a company that transcends the digital divide as successfully as its fragrances transform the ambiance of a room. For all kinds of aspiring health and beauty brands, Antica Farmacista exemplifies how to achieve substantial growth without sacrificing what made the company special in the first place. We're extremely proud to be Antica's fulfillment partner and look forward to our next opportunity to celebrate their success.