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New Fulfillment Space Adds Another 100,000 Square Feet for Capacity Clients

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We're expanding again...

Yes, we understand that with the company name "Capacity" we have a responsibility to upgrade on a regular basis, but we're particularly proud of our new space in New Jersey!

Known simply as "C5" around our NJ Fulfillment Campus,  the new facility opens up an extra 100,000 square feet of space for our clients, present and future.

Capacity C% fulfillment facility in New Jersey

Against the backdrop of growing need for e-commerce fulfillment services and the increased expectations of digital consumers, Capacity continues to expand to meet and exceed demand. This is our fifth expansion since we set up shop more than 15 years ago and adds extra flexibility, both in terms of available space to expand and a wide range of value-added services.

The new facility expands our total operational space to more than 575,000 square feet. That includes both the New Jersey headquarters, where C5 has been added, and our fulfillment center in California.

Together, these strategic locations combine to form a bicoastal fulfillment solution that our clients know keeps their cargo moving and their customers happy.

Inside C% fulfillment facility, North Brunswick NJ

As you'll know if you read these pages regularly, there is a major squeeze on U.S. storage space right now. Availability in existing warehouses has been slower to expand than rapidly rising demand. This resulted in a 9.9% jump in commercial rental rates during 2015, which was three times bigger than the same figure globally.

In some areas, this means that U.S. businesses are scrambling for space. At a time when  many companies are attempting to take advantage of the country's slow-yet-steady economic recovery, additional inventory costs are an unwelcome weight on the bottom line.

With the opening of C5, we're happy to be a proactive force in alleviating these pressures for our clients. Combined with our flexible fulfillment services and experienced team, we're confident that this latest expansion puts us in a prime position to deliver the kind of outstanding service that the digital economy and its consumers demand.