Capacity has dedicated itself to sustainability by using recycled, bio-degradable, and environmentally sustainable packaging materials.

We do not use Styrofoam peanuts in any of our packages or assembly work. Most of our employees use public transportation to get to work. Capacity, a member of the 2009 NJ Smart Workplaces Winners' Circle, is sensitive to the impact our industry has on the environment and are constantly working to mitigate those effects.


The roofs of our facilities at 1112 and 1101 Corporate Road are outfitted with about an acre of solar panels. During sunny periods, the panels generate more than enough power to meet our needs, and the surplus is sold back to the grid. The high price of electricity in NJ has led us to other usage-reduction techniques, such as the occupancy-sensor warehouse lighting.

Capacity cleans, bales and sells its waste cardboard and pallet shrink wrap generated at the NJ facilities to a recycling firm. The price of what is referred to in the industry as "Old Corrugated Cardboard" or "OCC" fluctuates based on local demand. We invested in installing a baler, expecting that the price of cardboard would pay for it, and it does. We sell recycled shrink wrap to the similar market for that item.

We have implemented a mandatory North Brunswick Township program to recycle bottles, cans and paper throughout our NJ campus. Blue bins are everywhere.

Approximately 72% of Capacity's NJ team carpools, cycles, walks, vanpools or takes public transportation to work each day. This would not be a remarkable figure in a large city like New York City, but in North Brunswick it is very surprising indeed. Take a look at the pie chart below showing the major patterns of transportation for our team. We calculated the gasoline / diesel usage of each employee over a 245 work-day year based upon their mode of transportation. Some assumptions: 20 miles per gallon average in a car, 17 passengers per trip in the company van which gets 10 miles per gallon, 3.75 employees per carpool vehicle, no fuel usage for bicyclists / walkers. What did we learn? That our current mix of transport modes uses 35,000 gallons of fuel less per year than if everyone drove to work! And that is only for our office and permanent warehouse staff in NJ, just over 170 people.


Nearly all of our orders ship in cartons comprised of 100% post-consumer content. This is not just because Capacity chooses to be environmentally responsible - this is what is widely available! Many of you know that we are in our 16th year of a 'NO PEANUTS NO STYROFOAM" policy. You may not know that over recent years we have greatly reduced the use of plastic air pillows and bubble wrap (now only for super-fragile items) in favor of crumpled craft paper ("Ranpak") and blank newsprint.
It is a bit more labor intensive for us (from a labor cost perspective) to carefully wrap product cartons tightly in newsprint and seal with cellophane tape (kind of like a Christmas present) before placing them in a master carton, but the reduction in bubble wrap use pays for itself. You can read more about the recycled content of Ranpak on their website:


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