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Our team of highly responsive engineers, client service professionals, warehouse associates and many other logistics specialists, creates and delivers tailored systems specific to your business. Our investment in technology, people and a process-based approach to all we do makes the Capacity Difference. It’s our passion that sets us apart from other service providers. A passion for our clients’ businesses; a passion for their products; a passion for doing the work that others can’t or won’t do as well as we can.

Steeped in providing the unexpected, we build partnerships and brands

for your fulfillment challenge

Capacity’s team has decades of experience in value-added services (VAS), EDI and eCommerce technology and fulfillment, as well as managing fulfillment and assembly programs nationally and globally. With Capacity, you get a single provider for all of your fulfillment needs.

Integrations ensure data transfer, integrity, and detailed reporting. Our teams have extensive eCommerce and EDI experience, and our dedicated in-house programmers guarantee a quick response and resolution to any technical issues.

We’ve established rock-solid relationships with carriers to offer preferential rates and deliver cost savings for our clients. We’ve researched, negotiated and secured the best freight rates available based on volumes and services. These relationships are critical to ensuring successful execution at times when equipment is scarce. We provide experienced, friendly and commited Client Account Managers (CAMs) to quickly resolve major issues and manage the day-to-day relationship. Our CAMs are selected and trained to have operational expertise and spend time with the team on the floor to ensure successful outcomes. We also have a Level 1 response team which uses AI case routing to address order issues like ship method changes and address corrections immediately, when the task at hand requires speed.

Committed to companies that are committed to success

When our clients need to speak to someone, we have on-site experts available. When our clients want to think creatively to improve product packaging, we have the experience, vendors and equipment to make it happen. And if our clients just want to reflect on another crazy day navigated successfully, we’re there. We know just how much energy and brainpower goes into getting products into a customer’s hands, whether it’s through eCommerce or retail channels. When our clients meet or speak to any of our team members, they get why Capacity is the ideal partner to help build their business. Their commitment is our commitment.

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We are sensitive to the impact our industry has on the environment and are constantly working to mitigate those effects. Capacity has dedicated itself to sustainability by using recycled, biodegradable, and environmentally smart packaging materials. We will not use Styrofoam peanuts in any of our packages or assembly work. Along with acres of solar paneling we also implement electricity usage-reduction techniques such as occupancy-sensored lighting in our warehouses and offices. We highlight issues of sustainability in packaging and customer presentation when crafting a brand’s packout, and find more and more share our concerns.

In 2020 we broadened our relationship with our clients, extending communications beyond their operations teams to include those focused on sustainability. We discuss their environmental goals with respect to packaging and transportation, collaborating on how Capacity and the brands we serve can work together to protect the environment.

Growing through learning
and listening

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We have an ongoing dialogue about sustainability, to help us better meet our clients’ objectives and harmonize our efforts and presentation with their brand. Humanrace, the new beauty brand by Pharrel Williams, is fully committed to a distribution and fulfillment model that adheres to strict sustainability guidelines, and we’re thrilled to collaborate with them and the increasing number of brands for whom this is business critical.

5S, Lean Methods and why it’s
important to us

5S stands for the 5 steps: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain. These steps involve going through everything in a space, deciding what’s needed and what’s extraneous. It’s about putting things in order, cleaning, and setting up procedures for performing these tasks on a regular basis. In the simplest terms it’s about eliminating as much of the error factor (mechanical or human) in business as is possible.

A basic demonstration of this in our warehouses is the shadow boards that you see at the end of almost every aisle. With the frequency and accessibility of everyday tools such as a broom, paper towels, wipes and more, a business gets that much closer to having 5 S as the dominant mindset. The results are a more efficient and safe workplace. Our team benefits, as do our clients.

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