The Capacity Difference

Engineering Fulfillment Solutions

Creating Great Customer Experiences

Providing Frictionless Fulfillment

Engineering Fulfillment Solutions

Creating Great Customer Experiences

We like to provide complete fulfillment services to brands who don’t need just vendors but partners. That’s who we are and what we do. We take brands shipping dozens of orders a day and support their growth until they ship tens of thousands daily.

Order fulfillment might seem secondary but it’s not. If the order doesn’t arrive on-time and beautifully packaged, how can your brand take hold in the hearts and minds of your customers? Every touch we perform must add value, and it does. Just ask our clients.

It's our passion that sets us apart from other service providers. A passion for our clients' businesses; a passion for their products; a passion for doing the work that others can't or won't do as well as we can.

Our quality of service results from our engineered, can-do approach. That and the skills that come with our team's extensive experience are at the heart of our culture. Capacity's on-the-ground expertise is key. We believe in ground truth: what is actually happening on the warehouse floor which is driving the quality of our service? Every team member is encouraged to go and find out if they need to deliver that ground truth back to clients, whether they are an associate first day on the job or a seasoned manager.

We're steeped in value-added services, EDI and e-commerce technology and fulfillment, as well as managing fulfillment and assembly programs on both coasts. With Capacity, you get a single provider for all of your fulfillment needs.

If a job seems out of the ordinary, trust Capacity to provide the extraordinary. We do the basics well, but it's with the unexpected that we excel. That's where our clients experience the difference of working with Capacity.

Learn how logistics customer service is integral to our to customer fulfillment process.

For every fulfillment challenge Capacity offers a solution

Bicoastal Facilities

Bi-coastal facilities reduce transit times and inbound/outbound shipping costs, preventing delays and increased shipping costs.


Integrating shipping systems without leaving gaps in data availability, data transfer, data integrity, and reporting functions. Our warehouse team has decades of EDI experience and our dedicated in-house IT resources guarantee a quick response and resolution to technical issues.


We’ve established relationships with freight providers to offer preferential rates and deliver cost savings for all of our clients' order fulfillment needs. We’ve researched, negotiated and secured the best freight and fulfillment rates available.


We offer real-time visibility via our online portal, supported by a dedicated client account manager (CAM) to quickly resolve issues. Our CAMs are selected and trained to have operational expertise and spend time with the team on the floor to ensure successful outcomes.

We're excited to partner with someone we believe can grow with us as we scale our business and is committed to continuous process improvement, just as we are at Glossier.
Sarah Hague
Executive Director of Logistics and Planning at Glossier

We work with companies that are passionate about making a difference

We're proud of the Capacity team's experience, attitude, and energy. We bring our culture of excellence to a tough, uncompromising industry.

The traits we value in our employees make for a company with a strong desire to understand our clients' businesses at a granular level, and to provide the kind of fulfillment solutions that they thought were out of reach. When the decision has been made to call in the cavalry, to expand operations, and to take your business to the next level, Capacity is the fulfillment partner chosen by the most discerning clients. Our approach is what makes Capacity a trusted partner, not just another service provider.

When our clients need to speak to someone, we have on-site experts available. When our clients want to think creatively to improve product packaging, we have the experience, vendors and equipment to make it happen. And if our clients just want to reflect on another crazy day navigated successfully, we're there. We know just how much energy goes into getting product on the shelf, and seeing our clients' brands in stores nationwide gives us a charge that never goes away. When our clients meet or speak to any of our team members, they get why Capacity is the right platform to help build their business.