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Road Rules at the National Truck Driving Championships

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You may not have considered it much, but there's far more to road freight than maintaining a steady speed on the Interstate and finding the most comfortable rest stops. At the National Truck Driving Championships the participants show just how much more there is to getting our goods from A to B and beyond.


National Truck Driving Championships Impress

From squeezing into tight spaces to maneuvering big rigs through tricky turns, the skilled drivers on show at the American Trucking Association-sponsored event remind us just how tough it can be out there on the road.

From the American Trucking Association's CEO Darren Hawkins:

“The National Truck Driving Championships is a highly respected event. Just qualifying for this competition is an exceptional accomplishment. We are very proud of our professional drivers who are safety champions in their respective states. Through dedication, a lot of hard work, and a formidable safety focus, these drivers have established themselves as professionals and some of the very best drivers in the United States."

This championship truck driving event might seem unbelievable at first, but think about those skilled drivers getting to show off their skills in a controlled environment. Better there than on the road with everyday commuters! Think about the huge trucks you see ending up navigating the packed streets of New Jersey or New York City and you'll soon understand.

Truck at sunset - National Truck Driving Championships
Image Credit: Paul L. Dineen

Our best wishes go out to all the truck drivers who spend long periods away from family and friends to keep that cargo moving. You're a big part of what we do!