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Jeff Kaiden on Assembly Services and Packing

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Our services section features all you need to know about the range of fulfillment tasks we can take on, but sometimes it's better to go behind the curtain and see what's happening on the shop floor. From pick and pack to assembly services, that's where you're going to see what we do! (Go to Genba, as some like to see it!) 

We pulled the camera out from time to time so that you can do just that, and today's example features Capacity's co-founder and CEO, Jeff Kaiden, leading a tour of the company's assembly and packing process.

Watch the video below for an informative look at why assembly services and packaging are crucial to the final mile of your order fulfillment.

Jeff Kaiden Talks Assembly Services

Capacity's packaging, design and assembly services are wide-ranging, falling under the broader category of value-added activities. This is because they make the most of your product, bringing its quality in line with your brand values and making the customer feel excited to receive and unwrap every delivery.

Our value-added services include, but are not limited to:

  • Kitting
  • Gift set creation and assembly
  • Shrink/cello wrapping and overwrapping
  • Serialization and lot numbering
  • Packaging design
  • Point of Sale (POS) display assembly and shipping
  • Repackaging
  • Special and custom brand projects

Contact us today to find out how your logistics system could benefit from our custom touch, from packaging and kitting to gift set creation and assembly services.