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Celebrating Women and Embracing Equity for International Women’s Month

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For International Women’s Month, we want to take the time to #embraceequity and recognize the women in leadership here at Capacity who make a difference every day through their dedication and guidance. 

Even in the beauty and wellness space, a vertical that we often service, a vast majority of cosmetic businesses are owned and operated by men. The realm of supply chain and logistics is a male-dominated space.

However, the demographic has slowly changed over time, with more women like Anne Drake, Founder of AWESOME (Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain, Operations, Management and Education) and Ellen Voie, President and CEO of Women in Trucking Association, showing up and showing the industry that women can get it done.

This commendable group of Capacity women reflects on what it takes to show up as a woman in leadership in a male-dominated space, as well as sharing their valuable perspectives, thoughts, and advice on how they paved the way to become strong leaders.

Jocelyn Petersen, CFO

"For me, being a female executive leader has often been about being part of a minority standout in a multitude of corporate settings often dominated by male colleagues. It's all about raising the bar to show why you – as a female leader - are the exception. This means operating with integrity, being measured and collaborative, demonstrating business smarts, and having a high level of emotional intelligence. I do believe there’s a level of inherent gender dynamics that distinguishes the female voice and contributes to the diversity of thought and ultimately business advancement.”

Venu Muni, Director of Inventory Management

“Women have been working in male-dominated society for millennia, and we are still working towards an environment free of gender bias. We have made remarkable progress in the last few decades, but we have much to accomplish to overcome challenges. We face challenges like lack of support, mistreatment, unheard and unnoticed, and imposter syndrome. I have learned to leverage a positive and growth mindset in facing my challenges. Knowledge is the power to level any field, and I always strive to improve my skills. More recently, I have experienced an increase in men who are allies. These men listen, advocate, and amplify my thoughts, opinions, and successes.

I know I am not alone in this journey and have found women who are role models that support and guide me. They have helped me strategize, meet my goals, learn to negotiate, given me a safe space to express my frustrations, and advised me on navigating adversity. My role models are my mom, friends, and colleagues, who are all leaders in different ways. We share our experiences and support each other to succeed. We also recognize that our success is also the success of our enterprizes."

Daina Pellecier, C2 Site Leader

"Being a woman in leadership means everything to me. Not only for the day-to-day challenges, but the fact that younger generations of growing females are watching us in a male dominant world…it shows that we are powerful leaders as well. Never give up. Continue to learn from (and listen to) people in your fields who have more experience than you. Knowledge is power and remember that a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. So it is important to speak up when necessary.”

Kanika Lamba, Manager of Client Services

“To me, it means growth and opportunity. If any woman can reach a leadership position, that is because she is very capable. It also means I can share my knowledge and assist a wider audience, primarily other women who may be looking at a similar growth path. If I can help even one person get closer to achieving their dream or success, it would be worth it.  

As women, we have great determination, patience, and willpower. If we can maintain these abilities, along with honing our personal strong characteristics and raising our confidence, anyone can aspire to rise up the ranks of their company. Teamwork is crucial for this growth, as is personal growth. But compassion should never be left behind. Never forget where you started in life or in the company. There should never be an end to one's need for continuous learning.”

Erin Sheeler, Director of Onboarding

“In my opinion, leadership means motivating and promoting others to think outside the box for creative and innovative solutions to problems in a team environment, with a motto of “best solution wins.” As a female leader, first and foremost, I try to lead by example. I encourage active listening with an open-door policy for all leaders; this will allow you to engage deeper with your team. Surrounding yourself with other strong women allows for continuous learning throughout your career. Allow yourself to be mentored by others who have the experience to share, as well as offering mentorship to others who are in the shoes you once were.”

Cristina Figueroa, Assembly Supervisor

“Being a woman in a male environment is not always easy, although hard work combined with a strong personality makes up for any gender gap that might still exist in this industry. I think that as a woman in leadership, it translates to inspiring my team to always give their best through hard work, reliability, honesty, and trust. I am proud to be a role model to my team, leading them with fairness and kindness.”

Damarie Ortiz, Operations Controller

“A woman in leadership is a role model to peers and those you are responsible for directly or indirectly. It Is to take the time to develop, mentor, and coach through genuine teamwork and emphasis on honest/open communication.

 As a chemical engineer with an MBA in Supply Chain Management and strategy leadership, I knew I would be in the minority in more than one way.  This is why I try to focus on the positive, connect and build relationships with others that can support you (both male and female).  It’s important to amplify your thoughts and opinions as well as show you are listening.  For me, this is a constant battle as I become passionate about what we are working on. It can sometimes appear to others that I am not listening, even though I am.  Overall, take a day at a time and don’t let setbacks overwhelm you.“

Kasia Orlowska, Safety Manager

“A woman can be a rare face in the safety department, particularly in leadership roles. When I switched my career to the safety & compliance field over 11 years ago, I was the only woman on our EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) team. Over the past decade, I can see a positive change in the EHS workforce. Now, we’re used to seeing women in Safety. I’ve attended various conferences/training sessions where I walked into the room as the only woman there. Now, there has been this huge dynamic change; I’m no longer the only woman there. This makes me so excited to see more and more women in this profession.”

It’s a testament to say that we have come a long way in this industry. Those who have shared their experiences are outstanding examples of women with the strength and ability to represent us. Hopefully, in the near future, there will be more women executives, directors, and vice presidents not just at Capacity, but throughout the supply chain industry.

As a closing sentiment for International Women's Month, we would like to thank these wonderful leaders for sharing their stories. Thanks also to all of the exceptional women at Capacity, who epitomize excellence, lead with compassion, and show dedication to their craft every day.