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Improve Your Order Fulfillment at Magic, Las Vegas

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What happens in Vegas is usually supposed to stay there, but when it involves receiving the latest advice to improve your order fulfillment, we think it's worth breaking that rule.

order fulfillment for fashion

Next week, our focus shifts from the warehouse to the wardrobe, as we take in the next big trends in apparel and accessories at the Magic 2015 trade show in Las Vegas.

Our fulfillment experts will be in town to take in the latest from designers across the world of fashion; apparel, accessories, and anything else they have time to check out.

Just as fashion brands need to keep on the cutting edge of the next season's styles, fulfillment professionals such as ourselves have to predict and perfect the best ways to get those items into stores.

We're always open to meeting new people and discussing the latest developments in order fulfillment for fashion, so we want to hear from you!

We look forward to helping you move your latest designs from the catwalk to the customer's closet, with all the speed and efficiency that today's fast fashion demands!