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Heidi Daus Designs for a Cancer-Free Generation

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Here at Capacity, we're always excited to showcase the special talents of our clients. Working in order fulfillment affords us the privilege of handling all kinds of different products. All are precious, of course, but some come with a special sense of purpose attached to them. That's how we felt when we were informed of the latest Heidi Daus jewelry design, "Sparkle Strong," which is dedicated to helping fight child cancer. P4935V1C1

A Cancer-Free Generation

Childhood cancer is the second most prevalent cause of death in children 15 and under. Of the nearly 16,000 children under 21 who are diagnosed every year, around one-quarter will not survive. Sadly, the cause receives only a small portion of the national cancer research funds made available. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. To mark the occasion and help raise funds for the cause, Heidi Daus turned to what the company knows best: beautiful designer jewelry.  Beginning in August, all “Sparkle Strong” pins sold online will have 100% of the money passed directly to charities fighting childhood cancer. The website is consistently a destination for anyone seeking stunning accessories, so all the more reason to bookmark heididausdesigns.com as a reminder to head back there on August 1st!  

Heidi Daus Logo

Although the process is complicated, the goal is clear: to help the next generation live free from the devastating burden of cancer. Why this particular cause? In a statement, Heidi reveals the inspiration behind the pin and its special place in her heart:

"This pin was inspired by the 13 year-old daughter of a close friend, Emiliana O'Brien who lost her life to cancer in December 2015, after a 6-month battle. 

During her battle, she was distraught by how there was always “pink ribbons, but never yellow”. This pin was designed to help bring awareness of childhood cancer as well as provide hope for those closely."

Emiliana's father, Tim, works here at Capacity, making this a cause that is also close to our hearts. We're privileged to help Heidi Daus bring this special item to customers and benefit an initiative that deserves much more attention. Available in blue and pink colors, Heidi  believes that the design would not only delight Emiliana, but that it will also inspire those who have no first-hand knowledge of cancer to learn more and get involved in the fight.