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You Give Goods Partners with Capacity to Deliver Simple & Efficient Donations

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Have you ever wanted to help out a good cause, only to find your too far away to lend your support? Frustrating, isn't it? You Give Goods, a nonprofit based in our home state of New Jersey, understands this feeling all too well. You Give Goods nonprofit logoSix years ago, in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, founder Lisa Tomasi and her husband Paul wanted to do more than just donate money. They wanted to see the exact items that people so desperately needed on the ground and in their hands. Unfortunately, they didn't see that efficiency at work and were left troubled by the delays in moving those all-important donations. From that frustration, You Give Goods was born.  Knowing the outstanding work that Tomasi and her team accomplish through the organization, Capacity is proud to be partnering with You Give Goods to streamline fulfillment operations and deliver more donated goods around the country. You Give Goods show booth

The Intersection with Order Fulfillment

If all of this sounds like a familiar challenge, you must read our articles regularly! Fulfillment isn't all that far removed from making sure donations reach their destination. Fundamentally, it's about getting items from point a (the order part) to point b ( the fulfillment and delivery part). What comes in between can be complicated, especially when dealing with an international component, but an experienced fulfillment team will get it done, efficiently and on-time. That's where Capacity comes in... You Give Goods aims to be the bridge between good intentions and actually getting donated goods delivered. For supporters, they take away the most awkward element of any donation: handling the logistics. The challenge that the organization has faced in recent years is a positive one, rooted in the need to scale operations as it grows more successful.  Moving from shipping a single product line to dozens of diverse items in just a few years is no small achievement. As You Give Goods increases its shipping activity, it becomes necessary to expand operations beyond the levels it has  so far handled internally. Lisa Tomasi sees the partnership as an opportunity to do more for good causes around the country. She highlights two important factors in the benefits of working with Capacity: location and experience. Tomasi says:

"When we decided to search out a fulfillment partner, our natural choice was a New Jersey business. The proximity is a benefit as we are able to visit the facility as frequently as our schedules allow.

We look forward to benefiting from the expertise of the people of Capacity as they streamline our fulfillment and allow us to deliver goods to nonprofits across the U.S. quicker than ever before."

Delivering Efficiency and Simplicity

The partnership also brings together two organizations with a commitment to efficiency. For our part, Capacity is committed to using our technology and decades of experience to move goods through the supply chain more quickly. We know the most effective ways to keep cargo moving and hold the right relationships to make that happen. Logically enough, what we do for You Give Goods, they do for donors! When an organization has a donor drive, they simply sign up to create it online, inform supporters, and yougivegoods.com shows them all of the items that people need. Supporters purchase their items for donation at a competitive price and allow You Give Goods to get those products where they're needed most. You Give Goods process Using You Give Goods inevitably makes things easier for both the cause and its supporters. Donors can do everything from the accessible comfort of their computer or mobile device, while the drive organizer can spend more time raising awareness and mobilizing more supporters. How can you tell that it's a good idea that works efficiently for those you use it? Well, five years of growth and the need to engage a third-party fulfillment service to aid further expansion says more than this article ever could! It's our great pleasure to be working with You Give Goods. We look forward to helping them take their operation to the next level and encourage any charities reading to use them for your next donation drive