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Happy 4th of July (& Preparations) from Capacity LLC!

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Like most of the country, we'll be spending time with friends and family tomorrow to celebrate Independence Day.

So we wanted to take the opportunity today to thank clients, colleagues, readers, and everyone else who makes it so special to work together all over the country.

Capacity July 4th Preparation
Appreciate what goes on behind-the-scenes to make that July 4th feast!

And as with everything we do, it's important to remember all the work and logistics that goes on behind the scenes to make the parties and food you'll enjoy tomorrow happen. As we were reminded at our company getaway in March, a whole lot has to happen before that feast appears!

So appreciate those who work for you and those for whom you work today, then get on with the business of celebrating our freedoms tomorrow. A perfect way to prepare!

From all at Capacity LLC:

Happy 4th of July... have fun and travel safely!