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Capacity at CES 2015: 1/7/15

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All this week we'll be bringing you a selection of the vast (and we do mean V--A--S--T) array of electronics on display at CES 2015.

New York JFK airport winter 2015
Leaving winter behind in NYC

Capacity LLC's Chief Strategy Office and co-founder Thom Campbell left the wintry weather on the East coast and successfully made his way to Las Vegas yesterday, ready to talk logistics tech with anyone facing supply chain challenges in the coming year.

We'll be bringing you his best photo-journalism here, but for the deeper discussion around supply chain technology you'll need to track down Thom at the event itself.

Email us at sales@capacityllc.com if you'd like to arrange a time and place!

And now, on with the show...


A relatively short line for the monorail (en route to join the masses)
The most efficient transportation around the exhibition hall?
Home security and the cloud. Internet of Things will be big at CES 2015.
Color Block brighten up our day.


Indoor drones! Coming soon, to a warehouse near you?

These Under Armour Gear cases defied both gravity and anti-gravity...

Back seat drivers?
Of course we took a peek behind the scenes to look at the logistics of International CES.
Elvis was bound to turn up sooner rather than later...
So much to see it could drive you up the wall!

Again, if you'd like to get in touch with Thom this week at CES, contact our sales team on sales@capacityllc.com or fill in this quick contact form.