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Bluemercury Finds the Beauty in Brick and Mortar Retail

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There are some sensations that only a retail store can replicate. Yes, we love e-commerce, but there's something about the hands-on feel of a brick and mortar retail storefront that allows a brand to flow into a physical space.

Our client Bluemercury understands this sensation and channeled its value to score some exuberant press last week. The popular beauty brand opened its newest location in New York City, down in one of the most attractive neighborhoods for aspirational brands, TriBeCa.

Suffice it to say, it wasn't long before the headlines and social media praise started rolling in!

Bluemercury TriBeCa store

Retail Revival

A quick review of recent retail headlines will reveal several headlines for the company over the last six weeks, including store openings in Cincinnati and Washington D.C.

Of course, store openings are nothing new. Retailers open (and close) storefronts each and every week. However, it's only a select few who receive positive press attention for doing so.

bluemercury store opening news

This is usually because consumers are eager to get inside and experience the brand firsthand, which in turn makes the press eager to cover the event. This coverage by Pretty Connected provides a case in point:

"What makes Bluemercury so great in addition to the feel when you walk in, and wonderful staff is the product curation –it’s fantastic!"

Brand loyalty like this is what separates general beauty brands from those that are truly special. Customers want more than just a product from their cosmetics company, they want an experience. Brick and mortar stores can build on the outstanding work that brands like Bluemercury undertake online, giving fans a place to gather and share their stories.

A quote from co-founder Marla Malcolm Beck sums up this sentiment:

"You're busy. You're smart. You're chic.

Welcome home."

Congratulations to Bluemercury on opening its iconic new brick and mortar retail location -- and for creating a space that makes fans of their brand feel right at home!