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Five Fantastic Alternatives to Amazon’s Delivery Drones

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Rarely a company to fly far from the news, Amazon hit the headlines again over the weekend, this time with the revelation of Prime Air delivery drones to CBS's '60 Minutes'.

Setting aside the (purely coincidental, of course) publicity received just in time for a competitive Cyber Monday and the sheer weight of regulatory/privacy/Skynet concerns, the story has set the social web alight with alternative ideas for delivery drones.

5 Alternative Uses for Delivery Drones

Look to the skies! Here are five of our favorite alternative takes on the best uses of drones for delivery purposes:

1. Beating that Pizza Delivery Deadline

2. Keeping an Eye on the Skies... Purely for Artistic Purposes, Of Course

Flying Eye Drone Copter
(Image Credit: Flying Eye)

3. Beating the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Crowds... Literally

Drone Stabbings Mar Cyber Monday (2017 headline)

— Mike Shields (@digitalshields) December 2, 2013

4. Guided Tours

5. Tacos: Anytime, Anywhere

TacoCopter taco delivery drones