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International Shipping Solved: How Capacity and Passport Make it Happen

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A few years back, we had a client that wanted to start serving international markets. That client was also a client of Passport, a solutions provider that helps brands simplify global commerce and boost international growth. Together, we stood up an international shipping solution for our shared client that allowed them to ship customer orders with duties prepaid. 

As more of our clients began expanding into other markets around the world, our relationship with Passport grew. Fast-forward to today, we’re able to offer a low-cost, highly efficient end-to-end solution that streamlines international shipping for our clients. 

What Value Does the Capacity-Passport Partnership Afford Brands?

For scaling brands, international markets are key to sustained growth. But shipping internationally introduces a whole new layer of complexity. 

With Passport, we’re able to offer our brands an experienced international parcel shipping provider for ecommerce. Passport also provides door-to-door visibility and performance monitoring through branded tracking pages and a Shipping Intelligence dashboard in their online portal. Their global team of dedicated support specialists have our brands’ backs too, helping them navigate local markets with store localization strategies, hands-on customer service, and in-house compliance brokers.  

But perhaps one of the biggest challenges the Capacity-Passport partnership solves for our brands relates to trade rules, tax obligations, and local standards. We’re talking about Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU)... Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)... who pays for what… the list goes on. Passport handles all of that, including a bundled shipping and internationalization solution, Passport Global, to help reduce complexity and simplify global growth.

“Passport is a great solution for our brands expanding into foreign markets like the UK and the European Union. Their solutions are top of the line, but they also do an incredible job of educating the client about the ins and outs of a very complex process. I love recommending Passport to our brands.”

Kevin Bernick
VP of Business Development | Capacity 

Are International Markets on Your Horizon? 

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