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Welcome to Our Updated Website

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This month, we are proud to present our newly refreshed website to clients, colleagues, and indeed the world!

This latest update to Capacity's online presence is inspired by our dynamic client base and the increasingly important role of technology in the fulfillment sector. The site has been updated to make it easier for visitors to find what they need and learn quickly about order fulfillment, while the visual refresh that accompanies it provides a cleaner, more contemporary view of what we do.

capacity website map

Serving the World's Beauty Brands (and Beyond)

From globally renowned beauty brands to the most exciting names in niche product eCommerce, we are evolving to meet the needs of our diverse and rapidly expanding client base.

The site demonstrates our commitment to delivering all aspects of contemporary product fulfillment from locations on both coasts.  To maintain our focus on the future of supply chain operations and order fulfillment, our online presence must evolve as quickly as the industry trends that inform it.

After a comprehensive rebuild from the ground up in 2015, a lot has changed in the intervening three years. We continue to adapt to the moving target of online visitor expectations.

For example, the redesign enhances the user experience on mobile and tablet devices, which are a crucial part of today’s digital landscape. Navigation has been adjusted so that it is easier to find the information you need, while video footage has been added to sections where it enhances the understanding of what we offer.

A Website With eCommerce in Mind

With eCommerce fulfillment increasingly important and visitors expecting an end-to-end view of what Capacity can do, the refreshed site provides users with improved functionality, a more compelling visual experience, and effectively communicates the wide range of fulfillment services and technology we make available to clients.

Perhaps most importantly of all, the refreshed site aligns with our company-wide goal of delighting the customers of our clients.

Our objective is to help clients deliver their brand promises, literally and figuratively. We trust that this refreshed site makes a compelling case for businesses to put their brand in our hands.