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Korres Celebrates with a Distinctive Beauty “O-ward”

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When it comes to cosmetics (and a great deal else in life), Oprah is a name trusted around the world. So, when the big "O" recognizes a beauty product, you know it's going to be good!

Such is the case with our clients and another Korres beauty award, who we are happy to report were among the winners of O Magazine's spring beauty awards...



Another Korres Beauty Award in the Bag

The company is no stranger to industry and media recognition, of course. From the NewBeauty Awards last month to being perfectly described as "pure romance" at Allure Magazine's Best of Beauty 2016, Korres has no shortage of achievements to enjoy.

However, in this age of influencers and near-instant social media success, celebrity-backed beauty products hold a special place in the hearts of consumers. 

Appropriately announced during the season most associated with rejuvenation, the official Oprah magazine describes it's O-wards in a similar manner:

"It's a beautiful time of year—when we unveil our favorite finds for glowing skin, bouncy hair and a makeup look that's fast and flawless. From a magically transforming cleanser to lipsticks so bold your friends will reach for their sunglasses, these are the products that earned a standing O."

The product, in this case, is a fast-acting Pomegranate Mask, which Oprah and her team deemed the best facial treatment currently available for combination skin. With thousands of glowing reviews on Sephora.com alone, the mask is already a popular choice.

Nonetheless, the influencer value that Ms. Winfrey brings shouldn't be underestimated.

Entire articles have been dedicated to the "Oprah bump," which at its maximum impact holds the potential to reach millions of new potential customers. Ms. Winfrey herself is worth almost $3 billion and loved by consumers around the world, meaning her brand's stamp of approval is worth its weight in gold.


This latest award comes hot on the heels of exciting financial news for Korres, which earlier this year entered a strategic equity agreement with Morgan Stanley. Designed to position the company for further international expansion, founder George Korres describes the move as setting up "a landmark year" for his business in 2018.

The Capacity team is proud to be a part of this success story and we look forward to bringing yet another Korres beauty award product to delighted customers!