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Capacity Accelerates Order Fulfillment with Tier One Technology Partners

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At Capacity, we've been known to say that even though we love order fulfillment, we accept it is not sexy to most outside our sector. Well, if we can ever hope to change your minds, it will probably be thanks to our exciting technology partners!

Between Lightning Pick and RightHand Robotics, we're putting together fulfillment solutions that are custom-engineered and astonishingly efficient.

RightHand Robotics RightKit Picker

Joining the Robotics Revolution

Most of us have seen some variation of the Boston Dynamics videos showing bipedal robots running or quadrupeds that can learn how to open a door (usually followed by the requisite dystopian news report that we're all doomed).

The reality of robotics for companies like Capacity is rooted more in precisely engineered picking devices that improve our ability to fill orders with even greater proficiency.

This is why we partnered with the experts at RightHand Robotics in Massachusetts; a collaboration that integrates the company's RightPick™ automation system into Capacity's fulfillment solution offering, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Our initial use of robotic piece-picking automation builds upon Capacity's strategy of deploying engineered systems that improve speed, accuracy, and flexibility to meet demanding omnichannel fulfillment challenges.

When we started looking for a robotic piece-picking solution, our objectives demanded a system that could pick and place a wide range of items at high rates with reliability. It quickly became clear that many of the systems available would not meet our needs.

The solution had to be created with our particular challenges in mind, which was more than just the latest piece of automated equipment with a better grip or a slick software interface.

What we needed was a fully integrated software and hardware solution, which RightHand Robotics has refined to the nth degree. They also have a responsive team who share our vision for rapid growth and rolling out order fulfillment systems capable of staying ahead of that expansion.

Capacity's leadership team chose to invest in RightPick™, an integrated, software-driven picking solution that flexibly handles thousands of products, including never-before-seen items, and learns and adapts over time.

fulfillment technology - box builder

Integration with Existing Systems

Another crucial aspect of our collaboration with RightHand was that the solution aligns with our other technology partners and their platforms.

For example, you may remember that last year we announced the importance of our work with the material handling experts at Lightning Pick in Wisconsin. The company's Pick-to-Light, Put-to-Light system has become an integral part of our operation, driving accuracy improvements that were off the charts in 2017.

Because of this success, any technology partners we subsequently consider need to be ready and willing to integrate with existing systems.

The team at RightHand brought the same energy and enthusiasm to this challenge as in every other conversation we had with them. As a result, robotic work cells will be seamlessly integrated with our current warehouse material handling systems to drive performance metrics higher still.

The integration of this exciting new technology will first roll out this year in our New Jersey fulfillment center. Following successful testing and implementation, we expect to expand RightPick™ to our California center not long after.

For more information and quotes from the leadership teams of both organizations, read the official press release announcing this partnership.