Value-added services

Offering a complete mix of tech and hands-on service

We offer a vast selection of value-added services making us a one-stop shop for our partners

Capacity's commitment to our clients is what makes us a fulfillment partner, not just a provider. Almost any activity that improves our clients' products before they leave the warehouse could be considered added value. And it goes without saying that fulfillment providers should add value to any supply chain they manage. But what about offering the services that actually add value to products? That's what turns a supplier into a key brand partner, and that's what we take such pride in doing with our presentation and packaging services.

Our clients literally put their brands in our hands. We are usually the last party to touch their product before it heads out of the door and into the customer's eager arms. It is a responsibility we take very seriously, and we relish it too.

Providing a wide range of packaging services for our clients lets us add that finishing touch to a product that delights their customers and drives repeat business. When there's a desire or need to enhance a product before it leaves our facilities or to improve upon customer experience, Capacity has a solution to make it happen.

When our clients know exactly what they need, we have the equipment and experience to meet those requirements. When they have only a general idea of what needs to be improved, we have the creative drive to make that thought a reality!

Our value-added services include:

Continually investing capital enables a high level of productivity and service

Our significant capital investments in the equipment required to handle high-volume, complex assembly jobs delivers all the capabilities of an advanced fulfillment operation, at a fraction of the in-house cost, to any single company. Extensive on-site product manipulation capabilities mean that orders are dispatched exactly as envisaged, as quickly and efficiently as today’s demanding customers expect.

We have more than 30,000 square feet in our headquarters dedicated to the kind of assembly work and value-added services that no modern brand should be without. We have dedicated assembly and value-added areas in each of our facilities. Our clients demand the best for their customers, and it is our job to deliver, in every sense of the word.

When it comes to exceeding customer expectations, offering the right value-added services is, quite simply, invaluable.