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Staying Connected During Coronavirus

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As we continue to assess the disruption of coronavirus - and adjust our operation to maintain the high standards of service our clients expect - we're also conscious that staying connected has never been more important.

Thankfully, we have the tools and tech to stay connected during coronavirus, check in with our team, and keep the cogs of business turning.

A worker at Capacity LLC - at home, we stay connected during Coronavirus

Checking in With the Team

For all of the concerns around how technology has impacted social norms over the last decade, it's undeniably a blessing as the world transitions to remote working and learning from home.

After communicating our early plans for a new way of working, we've been trying to talk to different members of the Capacity team and capture some of their insights in short videos.

First, our VP of Client Services Darren Lavelle weighed in on how his team is maintaining as much "business as usual" as possible, as well as covering a few of the steps the company has taken to facilitate this continuity of service.

Remaining Connected During Coronavirus

On a more personal level, Darren has a child with a love for opera and reading. When asked how his family is handling the current situation, he shared that the Met is streaming HD Opera nightly and the NY Public Library has some 300,000 ebooks available.

The NY Times also offers a selection of 'comfort books' in the article linked here. We thank Darren for sharing this selection of resources and hope our clients, colleagues, and partners found something to entertain them and provide some mental respite from the situation at hand. 

Next, Capacity's VP of Logistics, Tony Ruiz, checked in from home to explain how our small parcel and truckload carriers have been managing over the past week (with a fitting cameo, given the topic, from his cat Porsche!)

As Tony explains, carriers are reporting very heavy volumes as a great deal of consumer purchases move to online ordering and delivery, but they continue to make collections from our facilities as usual. In fact, the most disruptive force in recent days proved to be the late winter storm that blew through earlier this week, rather than the ongoing coronavirus 

We thank Tony, Darren, and other members of the Capacity team who have taken time out of their busy day to update us. We will continue to bring you more from these dedicated folks as the situation continues to evolve.

For questions related to the current situation and our adapted operations, please contact covid19response@capacityllc.com.