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Review the Five Fundamentals of Order Fulfillment

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Yesterday we launched the first in a series of planned webinars, exploring the fundamentals of order fulfillment and the wider logistics industry. The goal is to help attendees better understand our sector and what they can do to improve their fulfillment systems.

Although there's no substitute for the live event and having the opportunity to ask questions of the expert directly, if you missed the webinar we still think you'll get a lot of value from the content.

Below is a YouTube embed of the recorded event so you can replay at your leisure and pick out the most relevant points for your business.

Capacity LLC on YouTube

Review the Five Fundamentals of Order Fulfillment

In summary, the five fundamental elements of order fulfillment are as follows:

  1. Making Service: Meet (and exceed) expectations, delight customers, keep them coming back as a result. Read more.
  2. Fulfillment Consistent With Your Brand: Craft a fulfillment plan that fits your business. Factor in the inevitable errors and turn them into positive customer interactions. Read more.
  3. Appropriate Technology: It doesn't need to be futuristic, but your fulfillment tech needs to track progress, service, and get the job done. Read more.
  4. Cost Management: Costs can easily get out of hand if everyone is not paying close attention. Monitor them and partner with services who know how to keep costs down. Read more.
  5. Importance of the Final Mile: Understand what it takes to get it over the goal line so that all your efforts up to that final mile are not in vain. Read more.

We'll pull out the essential elements of each of these five fundamentals throughout the rest of this month, so be sure to sign up to receive those updates by email.

Thanks to all who attended yesterday; we look forward to putting together another session for you very soon!

You can also learn more about our range of order fulfillment services here.