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Logistics Industry Review: January 2015

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January flew by after an equally hectic holiday season, so there's every chance that you missed certain logistics industry updates and supply chain reading as the year got underway.

However, we've gathered together some of the more important headlines from the first four weeks of the year to bring you back up to speed.

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Logistics Industry Review - January 2015

Here are some of the logistics industry headlines that you might have missed during January:

  1. A major retail announcement confirmed that Target will pull its entire presence from Canada, with industry analysts claiming significant supply chain issues contributed to poorly stocked stores and a failure to translate a strong U.S. brand north of the border.
  2. Following a year described as "challenging" by the Association of American Railroads (AAR), the organization laid out its rail freight forecast for 2015. This included an estimated $29 billion expenditure planned to maintain, develop and grow the U.S. rail system.
  3. Ongoing congesti0n reached what some believed to be a tipping point, as operations at the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach slowed to a point that has caused container ships to line up and await unloading. Ensuing delays for inbound cargo endangered some livelihoods for those with no alternative but to sit and wait for their goods to work their way through the a system that has ground to a crawl.
  4. FedEx completed its acquisition of Genco Distribution Systems Inc., which was originally announced towards the end of last year.
  5. Governor of Florida Rick Scott led the way on an issue that will be key to U.S. distribution in the year to come and beyond, proposing a major $9.9 billion investment in the state's transportation system. Many around the U.S. political system have made their concerns known regarding aging infrastructure and lack of investment to improve the country's roads, bridges and other key areas, but a fragile economy and a strained political climate have stymied any major initiatives on a national level.
  6. The American Trucking Association release figures that show significant improvements in road safety with regards to large trucks and fatal crashes, with year-on-year decreases continuing through 2013 and an overall decrease in incidents of 39.2% over the past decade.

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