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Northside Pharmacy: Lessons in Customer Service from the Little Guy

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In a city dominated by Duane Reade and CVS, a small corner of NYC's Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn is served by a different kind of pharmacist. And it's "served" that is the key word here, as Northside Pharmacy demonstrates a distinct flair for keeping customers not just happy, but ecstatic.

A quick look over the pharmacy's Yelp page tells the story clearly. Here's a sampling of the comments, including one from Thom Campbell, our Chief Strategic Officer:

Northside Pharmacy Brooklyn

"Knowledgeable," "helpful," "friendly," "high quality" and many more superlatives. All words that any customer service team dreams of seeing associated with their company.

Northside Pharmacy reviews

Big brands spend enormous amounts of money to build brand reputation and keep their products top of mind with customers. Of course the products have to have a certain level of quality to make that marketing effective, but a large ad spend goes a long way.

For smaller businesses, customer service is where you'll find the best opportunity to develop a reputation and eke out a competitive advantage.

Our efforts at Capacity LLC continue to build on a close relationship with our client partners, a passion for what they do and the drive to help them achieve strategic objectives.

If we can remain on a path that leads to the levels of success and customer recognition that Northside Pharmacy has achieved, we'll be on the right path!