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Celebrating Women’s History Month And Inspiring Inclusion

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In supply chain management, women have made significant progress, pushing boundaries and transforming the industry. From streamlining operations to optimizing logistics, they have played a pivotal role in driving success and fostering innovation. However, despite these strides, women remain underrepresented in leadership positions within traditionally male-dominated sectors. It is crucial to acknowledge and honor the accomplishments of women who continue to challenge stereotypes, break through barriers, and pave the path for generations to come.   

Take Amiee Bayer-Thomas, a highly accomplished and respected figure in supply chain management. As the Chief Supply Chain Officer at Ulta Beauty, she has made significant contributions to the company's success and growth. Amiee's expertise and leadership have earned her numerous awards, including a well-deserved place among the top 10 Chief Supply Chain Officers of 2023, as recognized by Logistics Transportation Review Magazine. 

Or our own Chief Financial Officer, Jocelyn Petersen, who is an extraordinary leader who possesses a unique blend of empathy and resilience, empowering those around her to rise to their fullest potential. She cultivates a culture of inclusivity where everyone's voice is heard and valued. We’re not the only one who thinks Jocelyn is remarkable, as she was recently named one of NJBIZ’s Top 50 Women in Business.  

Here's what she has to say about women in business and supply chain management: 

In business, an optimized management of supply chain process, including excellent service delivery to customers, serves as a competitive differentiator. An organization itself strengthens through collaboration and by keenly listening to differing perspectives via inclusivity and consideration. Women’s inherent skills – empathy, intuition, multi-tasking and adaptability – provide complementary perspectives, essential for solving business challenges and achieving greatness. Most importantly, I believe we’re ALL equally vested and capable to positively impact operational excellence, achieving enhanced financial results and stretching for shared goals. I’m happy to celebrate this month of recognition of women’s influence and unique differences, which contribute to improved business outcomes. Let’s keep the collaboration going to keep propelling forward…there’s always more work to do.”

This year’s theme for Women’s History Month highlights the importance of recognizing the multifaceted identities and experiences that shape each woman’s journey. In honor of the month and its theme, we are celebrating the women who contribute to Capacity and make it a great place to work.  

Thank you to the women who took the time the share their experiences as women in leadership supply chain management. Read on as they share valuable perspectives, thoughts, and advice on how they have forged their paths to become strong leaders. 

Amy Maddaluna, Human Resources

"My 92-year-old grandma has been an inspiring role model throughout my career journey. Coming up in a time when women had limited career opportunities, she faced family challenges that forced her to start a career later in life. She pursued education, gained skills, and thrived at AT&T for many years. Her advice to always have an education and a career as something that can't be taken from you has resonated with me. She has taught me to prioritize my own well-being when making decisions. 

For young women interested in a career in logistics or any industry, my advice would be to embrace opportunities and leverage your network. Whether it's family connections, school friends, or neighbors, there's always someone who can offer support. Don't hesitate to speak up and ask for help to gain valuable experience. The early stages of a career are about discovering your passions, identifying what doesn't align with your interests, and finding a specialization. A niche or specialty is crucial, particularly in a volatile job market. Make yourself invaluable!"

Brittany Visin, Director of Sales

"I joined an ecommerce tech start up as their 4th sales hire. They acquired their fulfillment capabilities and I just so happened to sell the first deal post-acquisition. When they hired a CRO, Randy Ray, he then took the 4 of us on the initial sales team and aligned each person to hyper-focus on an area of the business, and fulfillment was chosen for me. He said, ‘I want you to go and follow the founder of this company, get to know his team, learn how to sell this, then build a sales process so we can grow and scale this solution.’ And that’s what I did. I loved every minute of it and got to learn in the best way with some incredible people who I still call friends today.

Since then, I advocated to stay on the fulfillment side of the business vs. transferring back to tech and assisted the other sellers as a team lead to co-sell fulfillment and run my own pipeline. From that experience, I gained a wealth of exposure to incredible growth and enterprise brands, technology, partners and operations leaders and have been hooked since. I can see myself in this space for the long-term. 

My tactical advice to anyone interested in Logistics as a career move is to find niche influencers on LinkedIn, listen to podcasts, join community groups for women in logistics / supply chain and reach out to people in the space directly. You will be surprised at the willingness of others to share their career insights, network and provide any guidance on what companies and types of roles to consider along your journey. My last piece of advice is to drive the interviews to be two-sided. Get to know their team and culture as much as you can. Talk to people in and around the company and ensure it aligns with your values."

Grace Chetta, Manager of Client Services

"Networking within the industry is crucial! There are a surprising number of powerful women working in related fields who are eager to share their knowledge and connections. Women excel in soft skills, making it easier for them to lead by example, while also fostering a comfortable and stable environment through effective communication with their team and peers. I've personally experienced the impact of a supportive boss who recommended a perfect job for me, demonstrating the importance of role models who empower you to spread your wings and follow through on their promises."

Jennifer Nuñez, Manager of Training

"I find that in the realm of 3PL logistics, it was more a case of the industry choosing me rather than the other way around. Initially, I embarked on this career path intending to stay for just a year before moving on. However, what has truly inspired me to remain in the logistics field for the past nine years is the wealth of knowledge available across different facets of the company, which is a leader in the industry. Capacity, with its diverse teams throughout the organization, has provided me with invaluable opportunities to learn and has fueled my long-term career path and professional growth. 

Being a woman in a managerial position, I take immense pride in my ability to motivate and empower other women within our teams. I am passionate about guiding them to discover their own paths, enhance their skills, and claim their seat at the table. 

I find inspiration in many female role models, but there is one exceptional individual who consistently exceeds expectations in delivering outstanding support and service to our clients. She willingly dedicates her evenings to ensuring tasks are completed and goes above and beyond to provide the attention everyone deserves. Her mentorship to her team is invaluable, and she stands out in the field due to her unmatched commitment, diligence, and compassion. I take great pride in her accomplishments and dedication, and I am privileged to call her a friend."

Jennifer Plotts, Director of Program Management 

"I have had the privilege of working alongside incredibly talented women in the field of logistics. Their unique perspectives have brought valuable insights to an industry that is traditionally male- dominated. Their exceptional project management skills and ability to foster strong team cultures through effective relationship building have greatly benefited our organization. 

Supply chain management has always captivated me, especially its global aspect. The interconnectedness of world economies brings us together, but the crucial role of operations often goes unnoticed. While college majors like accounting, nursing, teaching, and marketing may be more familiar, I encourage those interested in business to explore operations courses and discover the myriad of dynamic, diverse, and rewarding careers available, just like in logistics. 

I encourage more women to consider careers in operations, as I also teach college-level Operations Management. Through my teaching, I strive to expose all students to this career path, but I take great joy in attracting young, aspiring women to join this field of work."

We are proud of all the women at Capacity who nurture a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. They prioritize creating an environment where every team member's talent is recognized and valued. Through hard work, dedication, and support, they prove barriers can be broken and inspire future women to confidently enter Supply Chain Management.  

Happy Women’s History Month to all. We hope you find the stories above inspirational. Be sure to connect with these team members on LinkedIn, especially if you are a woman looking to start a Supply Chain career, or if you have questions about working with or for Capacity. 

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