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We’re Partnering with Two Boxes to Navigate Complex Returns Processing.

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Here’s What That Means for Our Brands.

We’ve added Two Boxes to our partner ranks. 

Named one of 2023’s most promising startups by The Information, Two Boxes is a returns management system (RMS) that helps brands identify high priority returns, improve customer service and get more inventory back to stock faster. 

For brands, that means returns are no longer a black box. Two Boxes gives them complete visibility into their return lifecycle. 

For 3PLs like us, Two Boxes helps us efficiently manage those returns inside our warehouses. 

Think of Two Boxes as a 3PL’s returns mission control center. The platform helps us digitize our brand SOPs, cut down on training time and process returns up to two times faster. With Two Boxes, we can access critical data on performance, quality and cost, generate automated reporting for internal and external audiences, and better predict returns-focused staffing demands. All of this helps our brands track and analyze data, identify fraud, monitor restock rates, and predict how many returns will get back to stock at what time.

The result? We’re able to handle returns with greater efficiency and predictability, helping our brands reduce costs. 

And we’re already up and running with Two Boxes: 

Implementing Two Boxes has dramatically improved our workflow. The volumes that we’re processing have had a direct impact on the scale of our apparel brands. 

– Casey Pipero, Director of Value Added Services

You might be thinking, “Capacity has announced a number of returns-focused partnerships. Why so many?

Returns are the 800-pound gorilla in the ecommerce room. And it's only getting bigger. That’s why scaling up a powerful returns management process is one of our top priorities for 2024. Already, we’ve launched partnerships with Happy Returns and Loop Returns, two of the industry’s top RMAs, or return merchandise authorization providers. Aftership is also on that list. Layering in Two Boxes gives us the internal capabilities we need to prioritize, process and track returns inside our warehouses. By building a returns infrastructure that’s composed of the best tools in the industry, we’re able to meet each of our brands’ unique returns needs and develop the right solution to the right challenge.

Getting returns right is only going to become a bigger piece of the ecommerce puzzle – and we’re excited to partner with Two Boxes to conquer it.

Have questions? Struggling to figure out returns? We’re here to help. Email info@capacityllc.co