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Case Study #2: AP Deauville

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When men’s care product manufacturer and marketer AP Deauville purchased the license to manufacture the top value deodorant PowerStick™ the company wanted to keep the manufacturing in-house at its New Brunswick, NJ facility.

It also wanted to contain costs by continuing to run its business on a Just-in-Time (JIT) basis. Warehousing, however, proved to be a major obstacle to building and scaling the business.

A lack of coordination between manufacturing and distribution and inventory management posed a serious impediment to growth.

The Capacity Solution:

AP Deauville contacted Capacity LLC to provide third party processing of its Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) orders to retailers as well as warehousing, fulfillment and assembly. That was just the beginning.  

Over time, the company’s business needs grew in complexity and size to include International Air Transport Association (IATA) mandated processing of aerosol products, a task requiring caged storage and specialized handling capabilities.

We took on the challenge, making capital investments to handle these new specifications and training key members of Capacity LLC’s management team to ensure that all IATA requirements were met.

As our client took on additional EDI trading partners, Capacity LLC developed increasingly sophisticated and scalable EDI and product fulfillment capabilities. When the company needed help with a complex returns processing job in California, our West Coast warehouse made it possible and cost-effective.

Over the last decade, AP Deauville has enjoyed exponential growth without ever investing in or modifying additional warehouse space of its own. The company has never had to expand its team to handle EDI, IT, IATA handling or other special services.

Because our facilities are mere minutes apart, AP Deauville can run a true JIT business. There are as many AP Deauville pallets on the dock at Capacity LLC, ready to ship, as we store in the racks, providing the optimal balance of maximum inventory and full scalability.