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Capacity’s Culinary Corner: Dining in North Brunswick, NJ

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If you missed our monthly newsletter, you also missed an opportunity to discover the unexpected culinary corner that is *drum roll* North Brunswick, New Jersey!

Yes, yes, we're aware that dining in North Brunswick doesn't receive the same praise as TriBeCa (or perhaps even Teaneck), but if you know where to look, great food ios everywher. And one man who knows just where to look is Capacity LLC CEO, Jeff Kaiden.

JK on Dining in North Brunswick, NJ

After more than a decade working in New Jersey's industrial corridor, we've figured a few things out, including where to have lunch. Jeff has made it his mission to explore the surroundings and come up with some choice dining selections, of which the following two unassuming spots will be our first recommendations.

Over to you, Jeff:

1.  There is excellent Indian on Route 130 in North Brunswick called "Arusuvai" (pictured right). Check out their mouth-watering menu here.

2. There is remarkably good Szechuan (real McCoy fiery) on Route 27 in North Brunswick at "Szechuan Ace." Read more about their menu here.

So there you have it, two outstanding options for a belly-filling dinner on your way home tonight, or perhaps an impromptu business lunch when you're next in our neck of the woods.

Bon appetit!