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Capacity LLC – We Know Logistics

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Capacity LLC's co-founders Jeff Kaiden (CEO), Arlen Fish (CFO), and Thom Campbell (Chief Strategy Officer) recently got together to talk about how Capacity is uniquely positioned to work with clients and customers of all sizes.

Capacity is able to work with companies of all sizes due to its customized approach and implementation of the newest technologies in the field.

Capacity LLC - We Know Logistics

Capacity defines quality in terms of the results achieved when people collaborate. We are the last people to touch our clients' products before their customers see it. While most of our work occurs behind-the-scenes, the Capacity team knows that the role they play in delivering on brand promises is critical to our clients’ success.

We know from our own experience how hard it is to forge lasting relationships, and it is our goal to give our clients and their customers the best possible experience with our services.

Quality originates in our people, our culture, and our technology. With that, Capacity seeks to provide a quality fulfillment service to our clients and their customers.