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Energy Efficient – Capacity LLC’s Carpool Data

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We live in an era of Big Data. For any of you who are like us, data-obsessed, below is a snapshot of the carpool data (and associated analysis) that our CEO Jeff Kaiden performed this year.

His conclusion?

At Capacity, we managed to save around 35,000 gallons of gas this year at our New Jersey campus through carpooling, public transportation, biking and the most environmentally-friendly mode of transport going, walking!

eco-friendly carpool data

We're carpooling from New Brunswick, where many of our employees live, to our corporate campus in North Brunswick. It's only around six miles each way, but it really does add up over the weeks and workdays.

Taking a car or two off the road also eases congestion, which can be a daily challenge here in the Garden State.

Naturally, as we are engineering and Excel geeks, we've collated the carpool data and are using it to track performance. It's how we know where we are and what to improve next, not entirely unlike the huge amount of data we generate, log, and analyze for our clients on a daily basis.

If you'd like to see the original Excel file, just send an email to information@capacityllc.com, and thanks for the support.