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Unpacking Assembly: What Does Kitting Mean?

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(Updated 2023) In logistics, jargon is common. If you've spoken with a logistics professional, you know this well. One such term is "kitting," which we will explain today.

What Is Kitting?

Kitting may not be a term you hear often, but it's crucial in supply chain and order fulfillment. Kitting involves assembling individual products into a ready-to-ship set or "kit." These kits can range from gift boxes to promotional bundles. They don’t need to be complex—think of a skincare set or assorted candy bars.

Kitting adds significant value beyond initial impressions. It enhances customer convenience and enriches the standard packing process. Picture receiving a beautifully packaged gift set versus items tossed in a box.

Benefits of Kitting

Kitting services benefit businesses in a number of ways:

  • Enhanced Value It elevates standard packing by creating attractive packaging that delights customers.
  • Time Efficiency It saves time by consolidating products from multiple suppliers into one kit.
  • Promotional Opportunities Kitting can include promotional materials like catalogs or coupons.
  • Product Range Expansion It allows quick expansion of your product range by combining complementary items.
  • Proximity Advantage Kits assembled closer to distribution points reduce handling errors and potential damage.

The Kitting Process, Explained

To illustrate the kitting process, let’s consider an example from cosmetics:

  • Product Selection Choose products that complement each other (e.g., cleanser, toner, moisturizer).
  • Kit Design Determine the layout of the kit, including product arrangement and packaging materials.
  • Receiving and Storing Products Receive items from the brand and store them separately in the warehouse.
  • Kit Assembly When an order for kits comes in, assembly begins by picking each product from storage.
  • Packaging and Labeling Package assembled kits using materials suitable for protecting fragile items like cosmetics.
  • Quality Control Checks Conduct quality control reviews to ensure completeness and correct packaging before shipment.

Once assembled, the kit is ready for delivery to the customer’s doorstep. Throughout this process, our team ensures product quality and integrity so customers receive their orders in perfect condition.

Kitting isn't always simple, but it's an important step in keeping customers happy and returning for future orders.

How Should Your 3PL Help With Your Kitting?

At Capacity, we support your kitting needs in several ways:

  • Customization We tailor kits according to your specific requirements, allowing adjustments in item inclusion/exclusion and packaging changes.
  • Quality Control Our robust quality control process ensures correctly assembled kits that meet your standards.
  • Scalability As your business grows, we scale our services to meet changing needs.

Whether you are looking for kitting for orders for HSN or QVC or holiday gift set assembly, Capacity is ready to help you take your company's kitting to the next level. Contact us today to find out how we can help.