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Four Fun Alternative Uses for Shipping Containers

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Shipping Containers on vessel (Photo credit: Jim Bahn)

Even if you're not directly involved in the transport and logistics industry, it's likely that you see shipping containers every day.

On the road as you commute to work. Stacked up neatly in the storage area of haulage company or distribution center. Perhaps  even on a vessel as it sails into port.

What you probably haven't seen - or even considered - is just how versatile these plain old cargo boxes can be. Far from containing only the latest mass-manufactured item from the East, shipping containers have been used in a variety of ways by enterprising minds around the world.

In some cases these are simply fun ideas, but in some instances these robust (and ubiquitous) storage solutions can put a roof over the heads of the homeless or form a makeshift learning space to provide children with an education.

We'll look at the more serious uses next week, but for some light-hearted Friday fun here are some of the quirkier uses for shipping containers that we've come across.

Four Alternative Uses for Shipping Containers


The days of browsing a chic SoHo gallery are just sooo 2013, dah-ling. The true art critic knows that the most vibrant space to spot art (or perhaps just  be spotted) is in the renovated interior of an old forty foot container.


Okay, very few people's idea of luxury is limited to the square footage squeeze of a shipping container, but we're willing to bet that realtors have stretched the term "cosy space" further than this.

Alternative Use Shipping Container - hotel
How about a stay in a shipping container? | Image Credit: One Good Eye


Hot, sweaty, often in the middle of nowhere and best experienced naked? Sounds like a standard shipping container scenario to us! (Well, perhaps not that last one...)

Shipping Container Sauna

Image Credit: Shipping Container Projects


If you've never considered the joys of a DIY swimming pool, just watch how much fun these German kids have diving into a compact container pool... roll on summer in the storage yard!