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Shipping and Transportation

Shipping and Transportation

Location, relationships, and experience. These are the fundamental elements of moving goods quickly and cost-effectively. Our ability to aggregate shipments and move larger volumes results in significant discounts. These are savings that we pass on to our clients in the form of reduced shipping costs. By leveraging our locations and relationships with trusted shipping partners, Capacity delivers a different kind of fulfillment that our clients understand and trust.




With facilities in New Jersey and California, we provide our clients with fulfillment solutions on both coasts. From these strategic locations, we make sure their cargo keeps moving.

Our warehouses in California and New Jersey are close to key consolidation points and major parcel carrier distribution hubs. For our clients, this means reduced transit times, increased reliability, and the flexibility to meet the kind of complex fulfillment challenges that their unique supply chains often present.




Reliable Shipping Partners

Getting products in and out of our facilities is the core of what we do, and making it happen efficiently requires longstanding relationships with trusted partners.

At Capacity, we take the pain out of moving, storing, and shipping products. We work with many different parcel, LTL/TL, and intermodal carriers to help deliver product to our facilities, both domestically and internationally. These long-held industry relationships help us to overcome unexpected challenges and offer clients a more flexible shipping solutions, by knowing who to call and how to talk to them.

These are efficiencies that can only be achieved after years of working with the right people, and to which our clients have access because they choose Capacity as their trusted fulfillment partner.





A Passionate and Experienced Fulfillment Team

At Capacity, we work closely with our clients to develop a tailored outbound shipping strategy, designed to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers. It is a time-consuming and detail-oriented challenge, but the passion of our team turns it into a rewarding process with solid results.

Our team of experts analyze client shipping data to determine the best shipping method, offer custom solutions, and help to select the option that most effectively balances cost and reliability. From that base, we establish a system that delivers on brand promises and meets the high service levels that our clients expect.

Thanks to decades of collective expertise in our industry, we have the experience and know-how to turn shipping from a cost center into a competitive advantage. Whether handling a few hundred or a few thousand shipments, the Capacity team delivers a cost-effective, reliable shipping solution to suit both our clients and their customers.


Shipping and Transportation Warehouse Technology


Transit times from Capacity east and west

Our strategic locations make Capacity a fully bicoastal fulfillment solution. Facilities on both coasts means greater flexibility for inbound cargo planning and minimizes the risk of delay, as well as reducing the transit time for outbound shipments.