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USA CBD Expo 2020: An Inspiring Industry in Transition

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It's no secret that the CBD industry is receiving nationwide attention as shipping certain CBD products becomes legal and more companies look to stake a claim in the sector. As the market expands, forecasts from Market Research Future anticipate an annual growth rate of 125.6% for the CBD sector over the next six years.

While we have plenty of experience in the marketplace, it's always interesting to see which brands are making a splash and how a prominent trade show reflects its industry.

This explains our attendance at the 2020 USA CBD Expo in Las Vegas, then, where our team members Kevin Hall and Nick Curattalo lit up the show floor in their own unique ways!

USA CBD Expo 2020 - Nick Curattallo and Kevin Hall from Capacity

The mix of Kevin's smooth style with Nick's high-energy approach (and fluorescent kicks, courtesy of Atoms!) combine for something of a dream team for any brands in need of fulfillment solutions to serve this rapidly growing sector. 

Having walked the show floor for two days and talked to a bevy of industry experts, here are their takeaways from the 2020 USA CBD Expo.

Nick Curattalo at USA CBD Expo 2020 Vegas

Takeaways from USA CBD Expo 2020

Even with our established capabilities shipping related products, we approach the CBD sector with the kind of fresh perspective that comes from operating outside the bubble. 

With that in mind, these are our takeaways on what we saw at USA CBD Expo this year:

More Wellness Than Weed

It's no longer just a regulatory consideration that CBD products are aligning with the wellness sector. The two go hand-in-hand, to the extent that the industry is now a rapidly growing wellness vertical that includes balms, skincare, aromatherapy, and even "hard goods" such as mattresses and pillows. 

In the years ahead, we expect to see the major beauty brands we serve add CBD-based products to their lineups. The alignment of CBD and wellness is gathering pace, as items like CBD muscle rub - designed for athletes by Neuro XPF - and various cannabis aromatherapy products from our client MALIN+GOETZ clearly demonstrate.

MALIN+GOETZ cannabis aromatherapy

Self-regulation Inspires Legitimacy

The fact that the US Postal Service occupied one of the larger booths here at the show hall in Las Vegas demonstrates just how mainstream CBD products, in all their forms, have become. 

Despite the fact that CBD is not yet actively regulated in the U.S. by the FDA, many CBD manufacturers have accepted their duty to comply with pharmaceutical quality regulations, standards, and practices before the fact.  Several exhibitors were ISO certified, embracing the set of International Standards that brings with it validation, consumer recognition, and adds further legitimacy to this emerging market. 

A Niche in its Own Right

Although it served a purpose at times over the last decade, the 2020 Expo shows that many CBD brands are no longer content to ride the coattails of the related cannabis and vaping industries. 

Based on the vibrant, confident voice of new brands like -- and Neuro XPF, an athlete-focused brand created by former NFL player (and vocal CBD advocate!) Kyle Turley, this is a sector that has quickly outgrown the limitations of its sibling verticals.

CBD is steadily evolving into its own independent niche, with applications beyond what anyone originally anticipated and new products arriving all the time to meet those needs. 


We return home from the 2020 USA CBD Expo with renewed excitement for the depth and creativity of the CBD sector. Heading into a decade that should see significant legalization and expanded opportunities for CBD brands across the board, we look forward to seeing how what we've covered in this article plays out in the marketplace. 

To learn more about Capacity's capabilities and experience shipping CBD products, visit our industry page here: https://www.capacityllc.com/cbdshipping/