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Erin Sheeler

Director of Onboarding

Erin Sheeler joined Capacity in 2018 as the first relationship manager of the newly developed department. In 2022, she was promoted to Director of Onboarding and manages the onboarding of all new Capacity clients as well as the onboarding team. She specializes in partnering with clients on strategic initiatives that can mutually benefit the brand and Capacity. Prior to Capacity, Erin worked for 12+ years on Wall Street. She rose quickly to the level of Executive Director at Oppenheimer & Co, Inc. in the specialized fields of Corporate & Executive Services, as well as Private Equity. She honed her skills of leadership, relationship management, contract negotiation, and project management during her tenure. Erin earned a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in finance and a minor in Sociology from Wagner College where she attended on an academic scholarship. 

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