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Sustainability: the new business model

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As an omnichannel order fulfillment provider to numerous beauty companies, we respect our clients for making sustainable, environmentally-conscious decisions in operating their businesses. Our initiatives range from consolidating and reducing miles on the road for Ulta to making eco-friendly packing material choices.

Capacity is always looking for sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions whenever we can. Last April, we were able to consolidate shipments to such an extent that more than 900,000 trucking miles were eliminated for Ulta. That's a lot of air pollution avoided, thanks to our Ulta and Capacity colleagues!

Our New Jersey campuses have over 100,000 SF of solar panels, with excess solar production delivered back to the state's grid. We do not use any Styrofoam packing peanuts and make sure to use recycled corrugates and other recyclable materials. We even encourage our employees to carpool as much as possible, which we estimate removes the use of approximately 50,000 gallons of fuel per year.

As we continue to work on being more environmentally conscious, our clients go above and beyond to ensure sustainable ways of sourcing eco-friendly ingredients and creating ecologically optimal ways to get their products to their customers.

Actively choosing to go green in the beauty space is a complicated choice, but that does not mean it is impossible. The number of customers seeking out clean beauty and wellness brands is growing. More and more brands are successfully executing this goal.

Here are some of our clients that have sustainability as a core value:


Founder Amanda Chantal Bacon sought to find a more natural way to put her autoimmune condition into remission through the powdered supplements she created. This led her to create Moon Juice.

The brand sources natural ingredients responsibly and always looks for the most recyclable, reusable packaging options. Moon Juice offers 100% compostable refill pouches that are made from renewable plant sources.

In their stores, the cups, lids, straws, and snack wrappers used are 100% compostable. Even the pulp from their cold-pressed juices falls into this category!
Sustainability – Moon Juice

Osea Malibu

Green Since It Was Just a Color” is the phrase Osea Malibu likes to use when referring to their sustainable skincare line. They are climate-neutral certified, carefully calculating their total carbon emissions across all sectors of their business, and they offset their carbon footprint by funding various sustainability projects.

Osea is ocean-positive verified, partnering with SeaTrees, which invests in coastal restoration projects in California, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

In an effort to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, they are working on minimizing the use of plastics, paper, and cardboard by transitioning to alternative materials.
Sustainability - Osea Malibu


Pharrell Williams' all-inclusive skincare brand strives to take a holistic approach when it comes to developing sustainable products and packaging.

The brand's goal of reducing waste wherever and whenever possible helps the company in its dedication to making products of the highest quality. This is also reflected in the creative and thoughtful designs of their packaging. Humanrace's refillable bottles are crafted from over 50% recycled landfill plastic and their FSC-certified recyclable cartons are printed with non-toxic vegetable dyes.

Humanrace also offers a refill system for as many of its products as possible, driving a significant reduction in single-use plastics and packaging waste.
Sustainability - Humanrace

Good Dye Young

In 2022 Good Dye Young began a partnership with EcoCart to reduce carbon emissions on every order that they fulfilled. This has made the brand 100% carbon neutral.

Thanks to this recent partnership, they have been able to offset their carbon footprint by over 130,000 miles. Haley Williams' brand also gives back to the community by donating to multiple charities and global projects that protect trees, forests, local water supplies, and wildlife habitats.

Similar to Glow Recipe, they provide a step-by-step guide on how to recycle their packaging properly, which you can find here: Sustainability – Good Dye Young Inc